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FertilityCommunity.com connects couples with information, support and solutions regarding their family-building options. We provide information on conception, diagnosis, infertility causes & conditions, treatments, marriage issues, pregnancy loss and other resources. We also provide resources on related topics such as adoption, foster care, parenting, pregnancy and childfree lifestyles. InfertilityCentral.com is a place where you can find answers, friends and hope.

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Jessica - 2 weeks ago
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This is ridiculous! The site has been down for over 6 months now! Still indicates the site will be down until April 17, 2014! You can't tell me it is still taking this long to straighten out issues. You should have never changed the original website as it was. More user friendly? HA! And now we don't have the forums at all. Disappointing and I doubt that any users will be back anyways. #1
Francine - 6 months ago
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Everytime I go on here it gives a date when the site will be up and running again. When I return on or after the date stated a new date as to when it will be available. It has pushed the date back about 4 or 5 times. Any insight as to when it will actually be up and running? #2
Jennifer - 6 months ago
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The problem is there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Dates are constantly being delayed. Does anyone have an estimate as to when it will be completed. #3
Guest - 4 months ago
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The fertility forums will be live this thursday May 15. #4
Amanda - 3 weeks ago
I have been checking back for months, when do you expect the forums to go live again? I miss my group! #5
Anna - 4 months ago
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Any update on when the forums will be up? It still says 4/17 but we are in May now... #6
Debra - 10 months ago
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Thank you for the site. I've enjoyed it for several years. When do you expect the site to get back to full stability and functionality? #7
Iqbal - 4 months ago
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Testing in progress........ #8
Guest - 6 months ago
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Francine and Debra, we apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working hard to transfer this forum over to some new technology. Thank you for your patience. #9