Can Control Freaks Conceive?

Overheard in the chatroom:

I just can't handle all of the waiting, and even worse, the not knowing what's wrong. I feel like I'm going out of my mind - of course, I've always been a control freak! ;-)

Can you relate to being a control freak or perfectionist? References to these terms are heard often in our chatroom and forums. Could there be a connection?

First, a definition of "control freak": Merriam-Webster does not explicitly define the term, but does define controller as "one that controls or has power or authority to control," and control as "to exercise restraining or directing influence over (regulate) or to have power over (rule)."

So, it may be safe to say that a control freak is someone who:

  • Desires to achieve everything in their life with increasing perfection, or at least at the highest possibly beneficial level
  • Often tends to be driven by time
  • Hates being late and seems to always be in a hurry
  • Does not like waiting
  • Does not tolerate fools
  • Experiences tension and a feeling of stress even when they are on schedule

Gynecologist Antonio Rodrigues and psychologists Edward and Mandy Wolff refer to the individual described above as a "time urgent perfectionist," a term coined by the team as they observed patients at the Medfem Clinic in South Africa. We'll discuss their intriguing research and an opportunity for you to participate later in this feature.