Can IVF Help After Tubal Ligation?

Question - Can IVF Help After Tubal Ligation?:

"I had three children at a very young age. By the time I was twenty, I'd had three c-sections and a tubal [ligation]. My tubes were burned and tied (I think). I am now 34 and getting remarried. We desperately want children. Do you think in-vitro is possible for us?"


In fact, in vitro fertilization (IVF) was invented primarily to correct for tubal factor infertility, that being the inability to conceive because of various amounts of tubal blockage which stand in the way of sperm and egg uniting within a woman's body.

So, yes, IVF should assist you in conceiving.

You can also consider reversal of the tubal procedure (called reanastomosis). There are pro's and con's to both IVF and reversal, and you should weigh all of them before deciding. Not all types of tubal ligation are correctable through reanastomosis, so your new surgeon might benefit from access to your previous medical records in order to help guide you.

As anyone who's been through it can tell you, the entire IVF process can be emotionally and physically exhausting, just as surgery can be. Take the time to talk with your partner about the specifics of both surgery and IVF, the financial aspects, the time involved (and how your current lifestyle will be affected), the physical factors, etc.

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ivone - 10 months ago
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hello,i had my tubes cuted 5 years ago and now I want another baby I want to know what its better and expensive if invitro or reverse my tube (reanastomodid pliss let me know, thanks.... #1
Chrystal - 12 months ago
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Hello, I had my tubes tied in 1998, and now I would like to get pregnant. Can IVF help me? I don't have the money to get tubal ligation reversal done, but I can come up with the money for the IVF. Any suggestions? #2
chinonye - 1 year ago
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my daughter who is 42 got married couple of years ago at40 and now considering ivf, please let me know how visible or how long the process takes. thanks very much. email; xxxx #3