Conception Basics

Do It Yourself Artificial Insemination (AI)

If you want to try AI at home, it is a popular practice. It is certainly a more affordable method. Do-it-yourself AI can be accomplished in a few easy steps. If you are using your partne... [more]

Discerning Third Party Reproduction

Most people do not envision starting their families with the help of a gamete (egg or sperm) donor. And yet, for many infertile couples, after often grueling tests and assessments, perhaps... [more]

Pregnancy After Infertility

Pregnancy after infertility: what can be better than that? Maybe that can be the next Geico commercial: “People who switch to Geico sure are happy.” “How happy are... [more]

Men and Women are Different

Women and men are different. The slew of popular gender studies resources out there should serve to prove the point. “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus” by John Gray has... [more]

Anatomy & Hormones

Overview of male and female anatomy and hormone relay system necessary for sperm and egg production and conception.

External Impacts on Fertility

How you live today may impact whether or not you can have children later.

Fertility Questions

Starting to wonder if fertility issues are involved? Is it time to consult a specialist? Find out here.

Predicting Ovulation/Fertility

Latest research says that women on average ovulate all over the calendar, making it tougher to predict fertile time. Learn about all the various methods of predicting ovulation, when a woman is most fertile.

What About Sex?

How, and how often should you be engaging in sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant?

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