Coping with Emotions & Stresses

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive in Spite of Infertility

Infertility can ravage a relationship. How can you beat the odds in spite of the hardships of trying to conceive? Here's how: Realize that the infertility experience is as traumatic a... [more]

How to Stay Sane While Going Through Infertility

Trying to conceive and not succeeding can be disheartening, to say the least. How can you continue to hold your head up high each month? Here's how: Become as knowledgeable as possible a... [more]

Fathers-To-Be Speak Their Minds

It's a common fact that men simply don't use support groups or services in the same way or frequency as women. When situations in their lives warrant assistance from others, many men choose... [more]

Keeping Your Marriage Alive

To the uninitiated, the term "trying to conceive" (or TTC) is synonymous with inspired sexual relations and all that can mean to a marriage. For those who have been unsuccessful... [more]

Keeping Your Emotional Footing through Infertility

For most people, the concept "infertility" never even comes to mind until it practically knocks them down. We take for granted our ability to reproduce, to the extent that many of... [more]

Using A Coach to Win the Fertility Game

Through my ongoing Internet research, I recently had the good fortune to mee Linda Tillman, Ph.D., a woman with a uniquely interesting job: she's a fertility coach. She details and offers h... [more]

When Is It Okay To Have Babies Around?

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with several folks from a local RESOLVE organization during their annual National Infertility Awareness Week symposium. It was wonderful to actually '... [more]

Loving My Body in Spite of Infertility

Knowing that most of us sort of wander through life taking our bodies for granted, I must admit that the experience of your own body malfunctioning can be eye-opening. One friend of mine ... [more]

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