Desiring Children Amid War

Has Terrorism Changed Your Mind?

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 will forever be remembered as a day of disbelief, shock, horror, tragedy, grief, and loss. None of these things could make one lean toward bringing more children into this world, right?


We polled our community to see how the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Pentagon and World Trade Center may have changed folks' minds about what has thus far been the primary goal for many -- to bring children into their own families. Will this unprecedented event dampen the drive of people who are already striving against odds to have children?

Sources of Data

Members were asked to express their thoughts on the question "Has the recent terrorist attack changed your feelings toward having children?" via anonymous poll and/or posting messages in our General Infertility and Resolutions forums. Initial information for this article was compiled after the poll and initiating forum thread had been in place for a week. (Any changes reflected in our poll and forum will be from community input dated after September 25, 2001.)