Endometrial Biopsy

Test of the endometrium, also called endometrial lining or uterine lining. The condition of the endometrium is crucial to implantation of a fertilized egg and to condition of resulting pre... [more]

Secondary Infertility

Don't let the term fool you: there is nothing "secondary" about "secondary infertility". As many can attest, it feels very much the same as "primary" inferti... [more]

Diagnosis of Female Infertility

Roughly 40% of all diagnosed infertility stems from the female partner. Because of this fact, both partners should fully participate in diagnostic procedures anytime conception difficulties... [more]

Diagnostic Workup: Semen Analysis

Carefully conducted examination of a man's semen provides much more than the usual reference of a "sperm count ". Semen analysis (SA) provides an indicator of how a man's reprodu... [more]

Diagnostic Workup: HSG

Hysterosalpingogram, more commonly referred to as HSG, is a procedure used to xray the female reproductive organs, specifically the endometrial cavity (interior of the uterus) and fallopian... [more]

Obtaining a Semen Sample for Analysis

One of the first steps in finding the possible cause of infertility is semen analysis. Find out what will be expected of you for this simple, yet sometimes tough test. Here's how: If ne... [more]

Semen Analysis (SA)

Microscopic examination and testing of ejaculate (semen liquid) and sperm cells for reproductive quantity and quality. Inability to conceive When a couple or single male is trying to conc... [more]

Post-Coital Test (PCT)

An examination which may reveal existing problems between the interaction of sperm with cervical mucus. Unexplained infertility, particularly in cases where the female is known to be ovula... [more]


Surgical technique allowing viewing (through a laparoscope) and surgical instruments to be passed through the abdominal wall in a minimally invasive manner, through the belly button. Also ... [more]

Hysterosalpingogram or HSG

From hystero, referring to uterine cavity or uterus, and salping, referring to fallopian tubes. HSG is a test used primarily to determine if a woman's fallopian tubes are open or blocked. ... [more]

Infertility Vs. Insurance

Many, if not most, health insurance companies do not cover infertility treatment, even though infertility is a medical condition like any other. At best, many plans cover testing leading u... [more]

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