Do It Yourself Artificial Insemination (AI)

If you want to try AI at home, it is a popular practice. It is certainly a more affordable method. Do-it-yourself AI can be accomplished in a few easy steps.

If you are using your partner's sperm, you need to time the collection with your cycle. The fertile period for insemination is 14 to 18 days before your next period is due. Your chances of success will be higher if you inseminate 2 to 5 times during this fertile period.

You can use sperm from your partner or from a sperm bank. If it is from a sperm bank, it will be frozen, most likely with dry ice. Remember to wear gloves to handle the vial as it is too cold to hold in your hands. Allow the vial to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to become liquid before using. You may want to bring it room temperature after thawing by warming it under your arm or between your hands. If using frozen sperm, shake the thawed vial before using.


  • Semen container (wide-mouthed plastic or glass jar) (for home sperm collection)
  • Disposable sterile 10 ml plastic syringe (without needle); available at pharmacies or provided by sperm bank
  • Disposable sterile gloves
  • Pillow
  • Other helpful supplies include:

  • Cervical cap (can be purchased from sperm banks or online)
  • Plastic speculum (can be purchased from sperm banks or online)
  • Flashlight
  • Towel
  • Once the sperm has been collected or thawed and is liquid, draw it into the syringe. (Do not clean the syringe or rinse it as that may affect or damage the sperm). Lie on your back with you knees bent, feet close to your hips and a pillow under your hips to tilt your pelvis upward. The next steps can be accomplished by you or a partner. Using a clean finger locate your cervix. It is far back in the vagina and is soft with a depression in the center. Deposit the semen onto the cervix with the syringe and wait about 15 minutes before moving (some sources advise waiting half an hour). (You may wish to cover the pillow with a towel as seminal fluid will leak out). If your partner finds it difficult to locate your cervix, a plastic speculum can help. Insert the speculum into the vagina and then click it open. The cervix can then be seen with a flashlight.

    Alternately, some women like to use a cervical cap. This small device has a depression for holding the semen. To insert it, squat down, legs apart, and carefully push it up toward the cervix. Suction will hold it in place. You may leave it there several hours if you wish. To release it, use the tip of a fingernail to release the suction and it will come out easily.

    If you inseminate during your fertile period for six months with no pregnancy, you should consult a fertility doctor.

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    rebecca jane munday - 8 months ago
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    I was crying at midnight 29th January yesterday it hurts and pains my heart so much it sore I just want to be s mum please help me. I have had an ectopic abd miscarriage and egg not attach that's 3 in the past 3 and a half years nearly I have hurt so long I feel part of me is missing I just want to hold love nurture nurse and love and care and be a mother to a child thats id all mine not taken away I long I yearn in mu heart for a child im depressed and low please help me. #1
    hope - 8 months ago
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    I feel exactly the depressing...waiting for years :(. Just have to Keep going and difficult when everyone around you Is having babies, I hate the waiting, and then the disappointment Each month.:(((( really difficult. #2
    saraa - 1 year ago
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    I have never been able to reach my cervix during the fertile period of my cycle. How can I insert the semen as far as the cervix in this case? #3