External Impacts on Fertility

How you live today may impact whether or not you can have children later.

Impact of Alcohol Use

Particularly in Western cultures, the use of alcohol often plays a role in our popular notions about conception. The idea of "making babies" conjures up images of romance and cham... [more]

Impact of Lifestyle Choices

Most of us have good ideas about what it takes to be a good parent. Most people who are planning to be parents one day also plan to make changes to their lifestyle when that time comes -- a... [more]

Nutrition Effects

Could it be that something as simple as what you eat can have an impact on your fertility? There are no specific foods or beverages that will definitely make anyone more fertile. However,... [more]

Impact of Smoking

Very simply, and now known to all, inhaling smoke from any substance is bad for a body. In addition to the incredibly damaging cardiovascular and related effects, smoking (tobacco or mariju... [more]

Impact of Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs, also called STDs and venereal disease) are any infection that is transmitted from person to person through intimate contact. STIs can also be shared b... [more]

Toxin Exposure Effects

Most of us know that the word "toxin" refers to unhealthy substances. Things like insecticides and gas fumes come to mind. Unfortunately, many toxins are not so easily detectable.... [more]

Future Fertility - Play Now, Pay Later?

Dear Tracy, My friend and I are curious to know if there is a way of finding out whether a person is infertile or not without having sex. We know that you can tell you are infertile if you... [more]

Optimizing Reproductive Health for Conception

Most people are aware of the impact of maternal lifestyle on a developing embryo and fetus during pregnancy. Gradually, more are becoming aware of the importance of lifestyle issues for bot... [more]

Are Your Baby Dreams Going Up in Smoke?

Presumably all parents-to-be want the best for their future children. Most have at least some awareness of the importance of prenatal care, that is, during pregnancy, and some even consider... [more]

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