Fertility Related Medical Conditions

Miscarriage: Seeking Specialty Care

When people hear the word "infertility," they usually think only of the inability ... [more]

Recurrent Miscarriage: A Form of Infertility

For anyone who has experienced more than one miscarriage, the headline is striking: "Gene Linked to Repeat Miscarriages." While the researchers themselves caution that their resul... [more]

Luteal Phase Defect (LPD)

A treatable condition which may go undetected without adequate diagnosis and can lead to both difficulty conceiving and early miscarriage. In an attempt to simplify this complex but commo... [more]

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Gail - 12 months ago
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I'm just going through my 6th miscarriage. My husband and I have gone through extensive testing and nothings come up wrong. I'm 34 yrs old almost 35 in a few months. I've tried IUI and that failed. I always miscarry around the same week 6 1/2- 7 weeks. This last time I was on progesterone. My levels the 1st 3 HCG #1