Finding A Fertility Specialist

Time to seek the assistance of a specialist to get pregnant? A specialist will make every effort to make a diagnosis and help determine your treatment plan, so make your choice carefully with these suggestions.

Here's how:

  1. Make a list of physician candidates by following any or all of steps two through six.
  2. Find out the names of doctors covered by your insurance plan by reading your providers booklet, asking your human resource staff, or calling your insurance company's customer service number.
  3. Ask your OB/Gyn or Family Practice doctor for a referral.
  4. Contact your local RESOLVE group or any other infertility support group for their recommendations. You can find them in your Yellow Pages or in my "Counseling & Self-Help" page.
  5. Ask friends who have seen a specialist.
  6. Inquire on online bulletin boards, such as our Fertility Specialists Exchange Forum.
  7. Look up the physicians' names and credentials in the appropriate lists of accreditation and Board of Medical Specialties.
  8. Research success rates of the physicians' clinics or hospital programs through the CDC Fertility Clinic Report, available via link the on our "Finding Help" page.
  9. Request that any introductory information on their practice be faxed, emailed, or mailed to you.
  10. Read any literature sent to you by the doctor's office, judging the overall tone as well as information presented.
  11. Follow steps six through ten for each physician you wish to screen.
  12. Call each office to inquire about scheduling an interview, making clear that you are comparison shopping, and ask what the fee will be.
  13. Write down a list of questions and be prepared to bring it with you to each interview.
  14. Attend interview sessions and ask pertinent questions, jotting down answers when necessary.
  15. Call your chosen physician to schedule an appointment to begin discussing diagnosis and treatment plans.


  1. Based on steps six through ten, narrow your initial list down to two to four preferred physicians for interview.
  2. Make your final decision based on the information you've gathered, your sense of comfort and financial considerations, and convenience of location and physician availability.
  3. Save your receipts from cost of interview fees for tax deduction.

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