Handling the Costs

Tax Time!

Since most folks in the United States do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment, we're always on the lookout for other ways to handle the expenses of our infertility journeys. ... [more]

Common Costs of Infertility

The following are reported costs for commonly-used infertility procedures and drugs (diagnostic and therapeutic). Data was obtained from responses to Jennifer Fisher's survey on the bulleti... [more]

The Medications Hunt

"Planning to start IVF soon. Need to find meds that I can afford (have no insurance coverage). Does anyone have unused medications?" Each week, posts such as the above are dele... [more]

Financing Infertility: Creative Funding Sources

(Much of this series pertains to patients seeking treatment in the United States, as some other countries have different financial bases for their medical systems. A future feature will det... [more]

Financing Infertility: Planning Resources

Whether you want to build your family through assisted reproductive technology or adoption, there are plenty of helpful resources that allow you to plan ahead financially. Using a little fo... [more]

Infertility Insurance Costs & Utilization

For many, the term "infertility insurance" is a paradox; it is also a heated topic of public debate. From federal court to Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect", people a... [more]

Which Insurance Will Cover Infertility?

Question - Which Insurance Will Cover Infertility? : "I don't have infertility health insurance, and am hoping to find new coverage that will help with my diagnosis and treatment... [more]

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renae lee - 1 year ago
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does anyone know of any place in ontario that helps with IVF funding, i found a place called IVF Canada and they have gave me a great price and im $2000 short , im on disability and my only fertility issue is tube damage, i dont know what to do, i want god to bless me with a baby so bad, ive already done 3 IUIs and they gave me a 78% success rate with IVF according to my age and AMH levels, can anyone give any advice, please i dont know what else to do, every other province has a program that helps woman Quebec even has IVF coverage, i just need help, please, the only reason i have the rest of the money is cause in 2007 i was kidnapped by my ex and was given money for pain and suffering,causei have burns and scars that will never heal, as well as emotional pain, and now im having problems with this i just want one thing to go good in my life and for god to bless us with a miracle a little baby #1