How Does Frequent Ejaculation Affect Sperm Production?

Question - How Does Frequent Ejaculation Affect Sperm Production?:

"If I masturbate or have intercourse every day or at least more than three times a week, how will this effect my sperm count? How will this affect sperm production?

I am considering becoming a sperm donor and have contacted a clinic regarding donation. How will the above conditions affect my ability to pass their screening?"


In general, the more frequently a man ejaculates, the more efficiently his sperm-producing mechanisms must be in order to "keep up" with the output. It takes about 48 days for a new sperm cell to form, and 14 more days to full maturation. So while a fully functioning sperm-producing mechanism is constantly churning out new sperm, the cells are not immediately available for reproductive purposes.

There is some thought that frequent ejaculation can affect the volume of ejaculate, that is, the actual measurable amount of liquid expelled. This does not speak to the quantity or quality of the sperm therein contained.

In being considered by a clinic as a donor, they will be looking at many other issues. You should check with your specific clinic for any ejaculate parameters they try to maintain, but in general, keep in mind that the more you ejaculate, the more your reproductive system must be highly-efficient in creating new sperm.

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