Infertility 101

Just starting down the family-building path? You'll find a whole new language, and lots of twists and turns. We'll help you navigate your own journey.

Beyond Barren: Perceptions of Female Infertility Through Time

Fortunately, few of us hear the word "barren" used anymore to refer to our journey through infertility. Though some sort of stigma toward folks who are infertile still exists in v... [more]

Fertility Definitions

(The following brief definitions are not complete or all-encompassing. They are meant to refer only to the terms' use in the context of infertility treatment. Please use the enclosed info... [more]

Infertility Lingo Guide

2WW Two-week wait, that dreaded time between ovulation (and any conception attempts) and possibly AF. ADI Anonymous donor insemination, referring to sperm donors who are not known to t... [more]

First Things First

You may be just beginning your search for a child of your own, or you could be one of many individuals who has tried for years unsuccessfully to conceive. Whatever your situation, it is imp... [more]

So You Want to Be A Dad?

When conception difficulties are in the way, many folks immediately jump to the wrong conclusion -- that the man is "shooting blanks." Such words strike humiliation in the hearts ... [more]

The Impact of Language

Words are powerful; just ask anyone who has recently heard the word "infertile" applied to their personal situation. Confusion surrounds medical terminology in many arenas, and re... [more]

The Ovulation Cycle

While most women have some understanding of their menstrual cycles, many are surprised to learn that they don't know much about the ovulation cycle itself -- or that there's even a differen... [more]

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