Is IVF Only Solution for Blocked Tubes?

Question - Is IVF Only Solution for Blocked Tubes?:

"I would like to have a baby but I am unable to conceive because one of my tubes is blocked. I considered IVF but it is pretty expensive. Do you have any suggestions?"


There are several different trains of thought on the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) versus other methods for women with blocked fallopian tubes.

First, IVF was invented specifically to assist women with tubal blockage in conceiving. The use of IVF in these situations basically just circumvents, or gets around, the entire diagnosis, since there is no need for sperm and egg to meet within the tube -- through IVF, they'll be meeting in a petri dish outside of the woman's body.

Depending on the more specific nature of your tubal blockage (things such as the initial cause of the blockage, the extent and type of blockage, and where the blockage is located within the tube), surgery to clear the blockage and/or repair the tube can also have positive results. I cannot be more specific about this without knowing more specifics of your blockage, but you should know that such surgery can sometimes reduce the need for IVF.

If only one of your tubes is blocked, leaving you with one fully functioning fallopian tube, then you may not need surgery or IVF. You only need one working ovary and one clear tube in order to get pregnant, but certain less costly forms of treatment, such as artificial insemination may help speed things along.

As anyone who's been through it can tell you, the entire IVF process can be emotionally and physically exhausting, just as surgery can be. Take the time to talk with your partner about the specifics of both surgery and IVF, the financial aspects, the time involved (and how your current lifestyle will be affected), the physical factors, etc.

Yes, IVF is very costly, especially in countries such as the United States where most people also have no insurance coverage for fertility treatments. An average IVF can cost ten thousand dollars. Rather than just looking at the expense of IVF and how it will directly impact your situation, I recommend you take a look at the big picture: from start to finish, how much are you prepared to spend in order to build your family, and what routes are you willing to travel to get there?

You may find, after some soul searching and discussion, that IVF is worth the expenditure. You may decide that other resolutions, such as surgery, adoption, or living childfree are more suitable for your lifestyle. At any rate, coming to that decision will take some time, and you should prepare to do some research to feel more knowledgeable and in control of your family-building efforts.

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priscilla - 7 months ago
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Am in the same situation end am told that ivf is the only way, but this is so expensive for us we don't no what to do but trusting in God for a miracle #1