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Coping With Infertility: Learning from the Twelve Steps

As we search for ways of coping with our infertility, we reach for methods that have worked for others. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have helped people deal with overeating, add... [more]

Don't Gamble with Grief

Infertility and grief recovery.... [more]

Infertility and Grief: A Transformative Process

There may come a time, following diagnosis and treatment of infertility, when one begins to feel that there are many paths to parenthood, which are not dependent on biological reproduction.... [more]

Jean Tells Our Story

Excerpt from " Sweet Grapes " by Jean and Michael Carter . We never talked much about children before we got married. They were part of our distant future, and we simply expect... [more]

Let the Reader Beware

Many news stories about infertility treatment are often misleading and incorrect, and there are many reasons for this.... [more]

Medical Ethics and the New Reproductive Technologies

For the first time in history, as an outgrowth of in vitro fertilization technology and research, the three components of parenthood - the genetic, the gestational, and the nurturant - can ... [more]

Top 10 List of What You Need to Know about Infertility

When I started down the path of infertility a few years ago, it felt like I had been dropped into a foreign land. I didn't know where I was, where I was headed, I didn't understand what was... [more]

Trying To Conceive - Trying Not To Conceive

I've just turned 40 years old. That means that I've spend over 20 years thinking about my fertility. Sometimes my goal was to achieve pregnancy, other times I wanted to prevent it. Either w... [more]

Who Speaks for the Children?

I spent the last two weekends at conferences. Two weeks ago I attended the national meeting of The American Adoption Congress. Last weekend, an international conference for nurses in reprod... [more]

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