Fertility Questions

Starting to wonder if fertility issues are involved? Is it time to consult a specialist? Find out here.

Finding A Fertility Specialist

Time to seek the assistance of a specialist to get pregnant? A specialist will make every effort to make a diagnosis and help determine your treatment plan, so make your choice carefully wi... [more]

When to Seek a Fertility Specialist

You've been trying to conceive and can't, or you've miscarried every time. When does your situation warrant a fertility specialist? Here's how: Determine the length of time in which you'... [more]

The Road To Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and having a baby -- seems like the "thing to do" these days. In addition, advancing reproductive technology is constantly in the news . Depending on what you re... [more]

Looking For That Fertile Window?

If you're trying to conceive, you've heard of the "fertile window," and you're probably focusing on your own right now. For the uninitiated, the term refers to a reportedly very s... [more]

Primary vs Secondary Infertility

Just received a very interesting email, the kind with a tone that slaps the reader in the face. I get those occasionally, which is understandable given that a lot of people (okay, maybe al... [more]

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Velma - 1 year ago
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Is there anything can be done to get pregnant after having an hysterectom #1