Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy Diary, Weeks 10 through 17

Your dad and I were very happy to see you squirming around this afternoon! This was our fourth ultrasound, and we had already seen your heart beating (and heard it -- what a thrill!), but t... [more]

Pregnancy Diary, Weeks 17 through 23

We got the word today -- you're OKAY!! The amnio results were all clear, meaning that they didn't find any evidence of genetic problems (like those that we've had before)... Your dad was ab... [more]

Pregnancy Diary, Weeks 27 through 34

Your dad and I have been absolutely swamped with work, trying to buy our new "old" house. So many things have happened that make us want to throw in the towel on this project, but... [more]

Pregnancy Diary, Week 34 through Delivery

Well, we're all moved into our new house! It was pretty tough on me, as you're growing and growing and... in fact, a little over two weeks ago, you were measured at 5 pounds (actually 4 lb.... [more]

Our Joy, Tobias

We are overjoyed to announce we've rounded a huge bend in the road of our 5-year journey. Read my ... [more]

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