A Baby: From Infertility to Adoption

An adoptive mother writes of her struggles with infertility and the joy that adoption brought into her life.... [more]

Adoption After Infertility

Many of the issues of adoptive parents are the same, regardless of whether or not infertility played a part in their family-building choices. Typically, all will have to address: Fee... [more]

Diary of an Adoptive Mother

A personal diary of a woman coming to terms with her infertility and going through the adoption process.... [more]

Infertility and Adoption

Since society does not require parental-suitability assessments for biological parenting, prospective adoptive parents sometimes feel that they have to prove themselves in a way that biological parents do not. While accepting this difference in the two routes to parenthood, some nonetheless become defensive and fearful of revealing important issues which could be addressed effectively in the homestudy.... [more]

Making the Adoption Decision

Some people consider adoption as the only responsible way to approach the issue of parenting a child on an already crowded planet. They want to have the experience of parenting a child witho... [more]

Professionals' Thoughts on Adoption Readiness

Nine elements professionals view as important for adoption readiness.... [more]

The Infertility Treadmill

Discusses making the transition from going through infertility treatments to choosing to adopt.... [more]

Trying to Conceive (TTC) and Adopting

Traditionally, those with fertility problems have been told to move past the stage of TTC (trying to conceive, generally via assisted reproduction) and mourn the loss of biological children ... [more]

What Infertile People Find Scary About Adoption

For most visitors to this site, adoption is something that they may never have considered before being confronted with infertility. Getting to the point of considering adoption is typically... [more]

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Really Helpful and supportive article...thanks for sharing....It important for parents to clear their myths regarding adoption. #1
teysha - 9 months ago
how old u have to be to do this #2