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Postpartum Depression and Infertility

On whether women being treated for infertility are at any greater risk for postpartum depression (PPD): First, any major life stressor that occurs around the time of childbearing becom... [more]

Infertility: School for Parenting

An adoptive mother shares the lessons that infertility has taught her.... [more]

McCaughey Septuplets: Success or Failure?

On November 19, 1997, the McCaughey septuplets were born in Carlisle, Iowa, and the debate on infertility treatments was renewed. During their earliest interviews with the media, the pare... [more]

Postpartum Depression Is A Killer

Five children in Houston are dead, and a particularly hidden form of mental illness may be to blame. Andrea Yates, a middle class, stay-at-home suburban mother, called police on June 20, ... [more]

Parenting After Infertility

The issues of parenting usually arrive with a bang upon the birth or adoptive placement of a child. While it may be said that folks going through infertility have had more time to consider ... [more]

Pregnancy After Infertility

You're in your first trimester, and you're nauseous 24/7. You dare not complain to a soul, however, for fear that you'll hear: I told you so! And you wanted to be pregnant sooo badly..... [more]

Can I Get A Break?

Recently in one of our IVF chats, we were talking with those members whose years of anguish and grueling procedures had resulted finally in a successful pregnancy. The question being presen... [more]

Waiting For The Other Shoe

In her most recent journal entry, a friend referred to the sensation of " waiting for the other shoe to drop. " It's a phrase that I've heard time and time again in our forums and... [more]

Prenatal Screening

For many women experiencing infertility, maintaining a pregnancy once conceived can be just as difficult as getting pregnant in the first place. Also, many are of what is considered "a... [more]

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