National and Regional Organizations Offering Infertility Support and Information

RESOLVE, Inc.(1310 Broadway, Somerville MA 02144, telephone 617-623-0744) is a U.S. national nonprofit network of 50+ chapters offering information, referral, support and advocacy services to infertile people. Dues of $35 annually (includes both national and local chapter membership). Their newsletters, fact sheets and symposia can be indispensable tools. Currently RESOLVE is putting a great deal of effort on a state by state basis into achieving mandated insurance coverage for infertility treatment. They have been successful already in Massachusetts, Maryland, California, and several other states.

INCIID (The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination) (P.O. Box 6836, Arlington VA 22206, phone 520-544-9548, e-mail, visit the website: A new nonprofit organization dedicated to the exchange of information between fertility experts and those who suffer from infertility. The organization's mission includes expanding the reach of on-line networks to a wider range of infertile consumers, while simultaneously improving the quality and immediacy of available information. INCIID publishes a quarterly newsletter and also conducts an ongoing media campaign to education the general public and garner greater understanding about the emotional, financial, and information struggle facing the infertile. Membership ranges from $25 for consumers to $100 for professionals.)

American Infertility Association (66 Fifth Avenue, Suite 278, New York, NY 10103, phone 718) 621-5083 visit the website: a national organization dedicated to assisting women and men facing decisions related to family building and reproductive health--from prevention and treatment to social and psychological concerns. The mission of the AIA is to serve as a lifetime resource for men and women needing reproductive information and support and to forward the causes of adoption and reproductive health through advocacy, education, awareness building and research funding.

Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (406- One Nicholas St, Ottawa,ON K1N7B7, CANADA, telephone 613-244-7222, e-mail: is a Canadian charitable organization offering assistance, support, and education to those with infertility concerns by issuance of its bilingual publication Infertility Awareness five times a year; establishment of chapters to provide grass roots services; a resource centre; information packages; and a network of related services. Services are bilingual (English and French.) Membership is $30 Canadian annually. A complimentary information kit will be sent to interested Canadians upon request.

Ferre Institute (258 Genesee St, Ste 302, Utica, NY 13502, 315-724-4348) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality services in infertility, to the education of professionals the the public about infertility and its treatment and to encouragement for research in the psychosocial as well as medical aspects of infertility and reproductive health. Although direct services are offered only in a limited geographic region, their excellent newsletter FerreFax, directed primarily at professionals, is available to others.

Stepping Stones Ministry (c/o Bethany Christian Services in Michigan) publishes a monthly newsletter with a Christian focus on the experience of infertility.

Endometriosis Association (8585N. 76th Place, Milwuakee WI 53223) is a non-profit with chaptersthroughout the U.S. The organization publishes a newsletter and offersreferrals and support for those dealing with the multiple issuesrelated to endometriosis, only one of which is infertility.

The Organization of Parents through Surrogacy (OPTS) (7054 Quito Ct., Camarillo, CA 93012, 805-482-1566) is a national non-profit, volunteer organization with three regional chapters whose purpose is mutual support, networking, and the dissemination of information regarding surrogate parenting, egg donation, sperm donation as well as assisted reproductive technology including IVF and GIFT. OPTS publishes a quarterly newsletter, holds annual meetings, has a telephone support network, and actively lobbies for legislation concerning surrogacy. Membership is $40 annually.

The Alliance for Donor Insemination Families (645 E Huntington Dr., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126) offers support and information for singles and couples considering having a child through donor insemination and parenting support for families already built in this way.

Credits: Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS

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