Holidays & Observances

Infertility and Holidays

As holidays approach, it's easy for people experiencing infertility to feel gloomy. Regardless of culture, religious affiliation, or socioeconomics, most holidays conjure up media-fed image... [more]

On Mothering

Being a mother is commemorated in the United States on the second Sunday in May and in the United Kingdom on the middle Sunday of Lent. Card-sending abounds, as does gift-giving. Restaurant... [more]

Red, White, and Blues?

Time off from work, summer fun, fireworks. In the United States, that's how the Fourth of July is often spent. Other countries have their own special days, too. While the patriotism that th... [more]

Virtual Commemorative Candlelighting

Losing a child is supremely painful, no matter the child's age or circumstances of the death. People coping with infertility are, in general, at higher risk for miscarriage for many reasons... [more]

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