Issues to Consider

Making Babies for Gay Men & Lesbians

Infertile couples are not the only people who make use of assisted reproductive technologies to build their families. Single straight adults, gay men, and lesbians also access many of the r... [more]

ART & The Law: Frozen Embryo Custody

Custody cases are always murky, but what happens when a divorcing couple is battling over frozen embryos? Recently, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in a case between a divo... [more]

ART & Gender Selection

A couple in Scotland was turned down by the responsible government authority in their request to use in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The thing that made this couple's request different was th... [more]

Stem Cell Update: Using Your Embryos in Research

While a debate is swirling around us about such issues as the definition of life, the life-saving nature of research, and how politics fits in to the argument, the people who will be creati... [more]

Religious Considerations when Pursuing ARTs

“A child at all costs” may be the motto for some hopeful parents struggling with infertility, but for those who hold their religious beliefs dear, the choices surrounding family... [more]

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