Using A Coach to Win the Fertility Game

Through my ongoing Internet research, I recently had the good fortune to mee Linda Tillman, Ph.D., a woman with a uniquely interesting job: she's a fertility coach. She details and offers her services through the website, FertilityCoach©. I talked with Dr. Tillman about the assistance she provides to those going through conception difficulties.

Tracy: What is a "fertility coach"?

Coach: As a coach, my goal is to help my clients look forward during infertility treatment and keep an optimistic attitude. I deeply believe that a positive approach to the challenges of infertility treatment helps to surmount the problem. I work with each client to summon his/her own emotional strengths to reach the goal of having a child in one's life.

I think of myself as the person behind my client when he/she hits emotional roadblocks. It's my job as the coach to address the roadblocks and keep the person going down the road. Sometimes that means sorting through emotions and making sense of them; sometimes that means learning new couple's skills such as better communication; sometimes that means developing an action plan to gain more control of a rather uncontrollable situation.

My role is to provide perspective when infertility treatment becomes discouraging and my client is losing her ability to keep moving forward - whether forward means different treatment, choosing to take a break, adoption or resolution to be a child-free family.

The beauty of our modern society is that my client and I can work entirely by phone. This means that we can be completely across the country from each other and still have a good working relationship. All my client has to do is pick up the telephone and dial - she/he can be in comfortable clothes, no transportation or waiting rooms - and we can still work together!"