What About Sex?

How, and how often should you be engaging in sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant?

Frequency of Sex for Conception

Okay, so you want to get pregnant -- you just need to have a lot of sex, right? The correct answer is "Maybe..." Before you panic, take this little quiz to test your current kno... [more]

More Sex Talk for Conception

You've polished up your knowledge on sexual frequency and positions to enhance conception -- now let's look at a few more details! If you enjoy it, then it shouldn't be a problem. The onl... [more]

Sexual Positions for Conception

Alrighty - we're gonna get pregnant, and we're gonna "do it" in every conceivable position, in every room of the house! Does sexual position really matter when it comes to conce... [more]

How to Have Baby-Making Sex

If getting pregnant hasn't been so easy for you, maybe you're not doing "it" right. Maximize your chances! Here's how: Stop using hormonal contraception or have IUD removed at... [more]

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