What the Heck is a Resolution to Infertility?

Recently, one of our site's contributors and members succinctly put some of the pregnancy/parenting issues that we hope to address with RTI:

  • How do you overcome feeling overly cautious during pregnancy after IF? Many of us are waiting for that proverbial "other shoe" to drop....
  • How has your partner-relationship changed through infertility to the point of pregnancy and parenting? Would your relationship be better, worse, or just different had you not gone through what you did to get pregnant or add to your family? If there was any damage, is it irreparable?
  • How do you go about interacting with the 'Fertile World'? Does it seem like others may not be counting their blessings as much as you?
  • How protective is too protective when it comes to our precious little miracles? Where's the middle ground in parenting?

A resolution is probably easier to feel than to define. It may help to say what it is NOT -- "Resolution to infertility" does not mean:

  • That all of your thoughts and feelings regarding being infertile magically and immediately disappear.
  • That you will never again experience sadness or despair regarding your infertility history.
  • That you will never have problems adding to your family in the future.

In the old paperback version of Merriam-Webster's dictionary on my desk, "resolution" is defined this way:

  • the act or process of resolving
  • the action of solving; also: solution
  • the quality of being resolute: firmness, determination
  • a formal statement expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a body of persons

    So, let's go on to define "resolve":

  • to break up into constituent parts: analyze
  • to find an answer to: solve
  • determine, decide
  • to make or pass a formal resolution

The question remains: how to define the "resolution of infertility"? The question is the point. We will be processing, analyzing, and determining our solutions and decisions with firmness and determination, individually and as a group.

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Karolina - 1 year ago
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This is a useful post. At first I assumed that the only resolution to infertility was parenting, but now I understand this is not the only way to resolve infertility. While our initial goal may not have been met, we can reach resolution by adjusting our goals. Thanks for this! #1