Which Insurance Will Cover Infertility?

Question - Which Insurance Will Cover Infertility?:

"I don't have infertility health insurance, and am hoping to find new coverage that will help with my diagnosis and treatment. Which insurance company do you recommend?"


Unfortunately, there's a common misunderstanding that certain insurance companies will cover infertility while others will not.

What's important is not the insurance company, but the details of the plan that your employer has chosen. Your employer is the one who holds all the cards here.

Additionally, if you're shopping around for a self-pay plan (insurance not connected to your employer's coverage,) then you would be wise to not disclose that you are hoping to find infertility insurance. Any insurer has the right to deny anyone coverage at the application stage, and they certainly don't willingly take on a person who has either a chronic and/or terminal illness or any condition that can be as costly as infertility to treat.

Before taking on the insurance battle, try to learn all about how insurance works and then about the infertility coverage specifics.

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