1 Best IVF clinics in Latvia | 2022

Authors: David Langr

Updated: 06/06/2022 | Originally published on 06/06/2022

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Even as Latvia only has about 2 million people, it remains one of the top locations for IVF treatment
in Europe. The beauty and coziness of the city and its low cost of IVF bring in patients from the UK,
France, Germany, and Scandinavia.

Latvia offers its IVF patients the European level of quality of treatments conforming to the
recommendations of the ESHRE and IFFS. One of the best clinics in Latvia is Avaclinic.
It is known for welcoming patients worldwide and offering individualized treatment plans and the
most modern facilities.

According to Latvian laws, clinics welcome female couples, single parents, and non-married couples
to participate in IVF treatments. Although there is no upper age limit for female and male patients,
each clinic decides the age limit. Egg donors are anonymous and Latvian, although some genetic
data can be provided. Surrogacy is not allowed, and sex selection is only allowed for medical

Here is our list of the 1 Best IVF clinics in Latvia:


The staff of Ava Clinic is united by one mission – to give a new life!

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AVA clinic is about providing IVF treatment particular attention is paid to the treatment of the women over 40 years old – this speaks a lot about the confidence they have in their work quality, treatment approach, success rates, and medical facilities. So you can be confident in them too.

Who They Are

The AVA clinic chain started in 1993, when the first clinic was opened, while AVA clinic, located in Riga, Latvia, was founded in 2005. It is a part of the Eugin international chain of clinics concentrating on family planning and infertility treatment, genetic embryology, pregnancy problems. It is also a leading clinic in the Baltic and Nordic countries. The clinic has made huge strides with complex cases in reproductive medicine for over 25 years.

AVA clinic is a pioneer of new infertility treatment services and technologies in Baltic countries and Nordic Europe. The clinic was the first to introduce;

The clinic works in accordance with Latvian legislation, European quality certificate ISO 9001:2015, and LVS EN ISO 151489:2013 quality management standards. With the shared mission – to give a new life – the clinic has successfully helped several patients achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

The medical director at AVA clinic – Jaroslavs Lakutins – has over 20 years of experience specializing in gynecology and subspecializing in reproductive medicine. He is a clinical faculty member and doctoral candidate in obstetrics and gynecology at the Latvian University, a board member of the Latvian society of human reproduction (LCRB), a member of the Baltic fertility society (BFS), and the European society of human reproduction and embryology (ESHRE).

He, along with the rest of the team, has vast experience in many different fields, including gynecology, obstetrics, oncology, embryology, anesthesiology, sonography, nursing, therapy, acupuncture, and pediatrics. They all share a common goal and are committed to the improvement and success of their treatment plans and procedures.

What They Offer

The AVA clinic offers natural/mild/standard IVF, ICSI, IUI, IVF with anonymous egg/sperm donors, and egg/embryo/sperm freezing. It also offers pregnancy monitoring, gynecology, MFI genetic testing, PICSI, assisted hatching, testicular sperm aspiration, vitrification, blastocyst cultivation in time-lapse incubator, embryo glue/gen, ERA test and acupuncture. Patients are also offered special accommodation prices at nearby hotels.

Long-term experience, a professional and highly qualified team of physicians/doctors, and innovative technologies and equipment are only some of the many perks of choosing AVA clinic. The clinic also provides personal coordinators, prompt responses, quality standards, high success rates, international experience, Plurennial professional experience, anonymous donations, careful donor selection, absence of initial consultation, proficiency in English, German, Latvian and Russian, no waiting list, and 24/7 support. All treatment options are offered to international patients, single women, female couples, and only wome

Success Rates and Other Statistics

The AVA clinic boasts a 75% success rate for IVF with egg donation, 52% with own eggs, and 45% with frozen embryo transfer.

Average Cost of Treatment

The prices listed below are only estimated average prices without medication and do not guarantee the final price.

Treatment name Provide Pricing

Standard IVF

Egg collection General anesthesia IVF fertilization Partner's semen assessment and preparation Embryo cultivation till day 3 Embryotransfer

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2,802 USD

IUI (Intrauterine insemination)


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339 USD

IVF using anonymous egg donors

Egg donor selection and preparation Egg collection ICSI/PICSI fertilization Partner's semen assessment and preparation Embryo cultivation till day 3 in GERI time-lapse incubator Embryo transfer

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Patient care and treatment success are paramount to the medical team at AVA clinic. They use the element of time, high-quality technologies, and medical expertise to bring every couple one major step closer to parenthood.