Postpartum Depression and Infertility

An Interview with Dr. Deborah Issokson On whether women being treated for infertility are at any greater risk for postpartum depression (PPD): First, any major life stressor that occurs around the time of childbearing becomes a risk factor for PPD. A woman going into childbearing who is already dealing with issues of loss, depression, anxiety, … Read more

Chapter 21

Secondary Infertility – Caught Between Fertile and Infertile Worlds For most people, infertility conjures up the image of a couple without a child. But what about a couple who have borne a child, and now want to extend their family but find they are unable to do so? Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive … Read more

Infertility and Adoption

Little girls often engage in the common childhood pastime of pretending to be pregnant, but it would be a rare individual indeed who would ever dress-rehearse infertility as a future problem. Unless individuals have pre-existing medical problems, they assume they will easily conceive a child. Not only do they expect that starting a family will … Read more