How to Have Baby-Making Sex

If getting pregnant hasn’t been so easy for you, maybe you’re not doing “it” right. Maximize your chances! Here’s how: Stop using hormonal contraception or have IUD removed at least 3 months prior to conception attempts. Make sure you have intercourse during the woman’s most fertile time. Men should refrain from unproductive ejaculation for 48 … Read more

Chapter 50

The Infertile Patient’s Prayer and Infertility Lord, Give me Strength… To keep my cool when another period starts. To keep my chin up when a co-worker announces her pregnancy. To have a good relationship with my friend in spite of her ability to conceive easily and not be jealous of her. To endure my sister-in-law’s … Read more

Infertility and Adoption

Little girls often engage in the common childhood pastime of pretending to be pregnant, but it would be a rare individual indeed who would ever dress-rehearse infertility as a future problem. Unless individuals have pre-existing medical problems, they assume they will easily conceive a child. Not only do they expect that starting a family will … Read more