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Hlinky 48/122, 60300 Brno, Czech Republic


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U Lomu 638, 76000 Zlín, Czech Republic


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Hlinky 144, 60300 Brno, Czech Republic


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General Information

Brno (German Brünn) is a statutory city, the second largest city in the Czech Republic in terms of population and area, the largest city in Moravia and the former capital of Moravia.

Brno is the center of the judiciary of the Czech Republic, as it has become the seat of both the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office.


The immediate forerunner of Brno is considered to be the fortified settlement of Staré Zámky in the cadastre of today's Líšeň, one of the fortifications of the Great Moravian Empire, whose settlement dates from the end of the Neolithic to the beginning of the 11th century.

Brno is an ancient crossroads of trade routes, which united northern and southern European civilizations for centuries, and for centuries was the capital of the autonomous Moravian country. As part of the Danube region, the city is historically connected with Vienna, 110 km away.

Brno - Quick guide

The most important landmarks of the city include the castle and fortress of Špilberk on the hill of the same name and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul on the top of Petrov, forming a characteristic panorama of the city and often depicted as its symbol.

The second preserved castle in the territory of Brno is Veveří, once built over the river Svratka and today towering over the Brno dam. Another important monument is the functionalist villa Tugendhat, which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The historic city center has been declared a city monument reserve. The Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area also belongs to the tourist-attractive localities, the southernmost part of which extends into the city.

Brno is also a wine-growing village within the Velkopavlovice wine-growing sub-region.

Interesting facts

Brno is also famous as the venue for large motor racing events held on the nearby Masaryk Circuit, a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. The most prestigious races include the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, part of the World Road Motorcycle Championship series.

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