10 of the BEST fertility clinics in Greece

IVF fertility clinics in Greece are excellent choices in the world of IVF treatment, for their exclusivity and the country's history. They offer various kinds of fertility treatment, intrauterine insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as well as Natural/MILD (mini) IVF, egg donation IVF, embryo donation IVF or sperm donation IVF, assisted hatching, PGD and other services.

Evinu 8, 11527 Athens, Greece

+30 210 7474088

Features: Private clinic

Argolidos 2,, 11523 Athens, Greece

+30 210 777 99 20

Features: Private clinic

Sachtouri 24, Piraeus, 18537 Athens, Greece

+30 2104535285

Features: Private clinic

Konstantinou Ventiri 7(HILTON),, 11528 Athens, Greece

+30 210 723 6333

Features: Private clinic

24 zimvrakakidon & mpotsari street, 73136 Chania, Greece


Features: Private clinic

6 Adrianoupoleos str., Kalamaria, 55134 Thessaloniki, Greece

+30 2310 420020

Features: Private clinic

St. 173-175 Ethnikis Antistaseos, Kalamaria, 55134 Thessaloniki, Greece

2310 474747

Features: Private clinic

Leof. Kifisias 5, Marousi, 15123 Athens, Greece

+30 210 68 59 500

Features: Private clinic

171 Ethnikis Antistaseos str, Kalamaria, 55134 Thessaloniki, Greece

(+30) 2310 457 770

Features: Private clinic

77 Ethnikis Antistaseos st., Chalandri, 15231 Athens, Greece

(+30) 210 6774104

Features: Private clinic

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General Information

Greece is a country located in southern Europe - in the south of the Balkan Peninsula. It is located both on the European mainland and on numerous islands in the Aegean, Cretan, Thracian, Mediterranean and Ionian seas. Its mainland neighbors are Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The capital is Athens.

The official language is Greek, but people understand english very well.


Greek history is an important part of European and world history.

The Greek Aegean coast was the site of the rise of the first civilization in Europe (namely the Minoans and Mycenaeans), followed by the Dark Ages until 800 BC, when a new era of Greek city-states (such as Sparta or Athens) began, which gained colonies after throughout the Mediterranean. After the era of Alexander the Great's empire came a period when Greek culture became the basis of Hellenic civilization. Notable Hellenistic empires were the Seleucid empires in Persia, Ptolemaic Egypt, and the Greco-Indian kingdom.

In 1941-44, Greece was occupied by Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. The liberation took place with the help of Allied armies, mainly Great Britain. An estimated 600,000 Greeks perished during the German occupation. After the defeat of the Communists in the Greek Civil War in 1949, Greece focused on Western democracies and in 1952 became a member of NATO.

Quick guide

The Parthenon, the silent landmark of Athens - the Greek capital Athens is literally a paradise of ancient monuments. Among the rarest are the ruins of the ancient Parthenon. Together with other buildings, it rises on the Acropolis and creates a dominant landmark of the capital Athens from afar.

Ancient town of Delphi - In ancient times, Delphi was one of the most important places in Greece.

Olympia, the venue of the ancient Olympic Games - In Olympia you will see not only the remains of Olympic venues, but also a museum with an impressive collection of statues of Greek gods, athletes and animals. According to historians, the last Olympic Games in Olympia took place in 385.

Fun facts

The problematic history of Greece was also reflected in the national slogan - Freedom or Death.

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