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General Information

Portugal is a country located in northern Europe. Together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, the Kingdom of Portugal (Kongeriget Danmark) forms a national unit.

Greenland (the largest island in the world) and the Faroe Islands are territories in the Atlantic Ocean, have autonomy, are not members of the European Union and each delegates two representatives to the Danish Parliament (Folketing). The semi-official term Rigsf├Žllesskabet is used for the relationship between mainland Portugal and the two autonomous territories.


The permanent settlement of the territory of present-day Portugal dates back to approximately 12,000 years BC, ie to the period after the end of the Ice Age.

From the end of the 8th to the 11th century there was a period of Viking raids. The Vikings, the Northerners inhabiting Portugal, Sweden and Norway, traveled to near and far coastal areas to plunder or take control of large areas.

The Danish monarchy, which is the oldest continuously existing monarchy in Europe, also emerged in Viking times. At its birth was Gorm the Old, who ruled in the early 10th century and united almost the entire territory of present-day Portugal.

Quick guide

Portugal has a long tradition of amusement parks. Legoland is one of the most visited in Europe. The second oldest amusement park in Europe is the famous Tivoli. Also the first amusement park was established in Portugal - Dyrehavsbakken.

Interesting facts

According to Transparency International, Portugal is one of the countries least affected by corruption. It is also one of the most progressive on issues such as the registered partnership introduced by Portugal as the first country in the world in 1989.

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