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Charter Court, Newcomen Way, Highwoods, CO4 9YA Colchester, United Kingdom

01954 717210

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General Information

Colchester is a town on the River Colne in Essex in the south east of England. It has about 122,000 inhabitants and is the oldest recorded Roman city in the British Isles. For a time it was the capital of Roman Britain. Colchester claims the title of the oldest British city and the oldest documented market.

The semi-mythical king of the Celtic tribes in Britain, who is called Castintin in Shakespeare's work, lived here.


The settlement by the Romans (Camulodunum = fortress of the god of war, Camula) is historically confirmed. As early as 20 BC, coins were minted here.

In 61, the then Camulodunum was conquered and destroyed by the rebel Celts, who, under Queen Boadicey, revolted against Roman rule. After initial successes, when the rebels managed to massacre the local Roman garrison, the uprising was brutally suppressed by the Romans, and London eventually became the capital of Britain.

Interesting facts - Colchester Castle

In 1076, Colchester began construction of the first royal stone castle built by William I the Conqueror in England. The castle was built on the ruins of a magnificent Roman temple dedicated to Emperor Claudius.

The castle used the vaults of the church for its foundations, which are still partially visible in the castle. This makes it the largest Norman castle ever built. The castle was completed in 1125. In 1216 the castle was besieged for three months and occupied by King Jan Bezzemek. By 1350, its military importance declined and the building was mostly used as a prison.

By 1600 he was no longer defensible and in 1637 the roof collapsed. In 1629 the castle was sold by the crown and in 1683 it became the property of John Wheeley, who demolished some parts of the castle and sold the stone. However, over time, this business proved unprofitable and was abandoned.

In 1726, Mary Webster bought the castle for her daughter Sarah, who married Charles Gray, who began repairing and rebuilding it. He had a roof, dome, library, study, etc. made. After Gray's death, the castle passed into the hands of his half-grandson James Round, who continued his restoration work. The museum was founded in Colchester in 1846 and was located at City Hall, from where it was transferred to the castle cellar and opened as a museum on September 27, 1860.

Between 1920 and 1922, the castle was bought by the city with a donation from Weetman Pearson, the first Viscount of Cowdray. The castle has been partially preserved and today houses a museum dedicated to the history of Roman settlement in Britain and Colchester.

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