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The Women and Children's Hospital, Hull Royal Infirmary, Anlaby Rd, HU3 2JZ Hull, United Kingdom


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General Information

Kingston upon Hull, often abbreviated as Hull, is a town and independent administrative unit in the English ceremonial county of East Yorkshire Riding.

It lies on the north side of the mouth of the river Humber, near the east coast about 40 km from the North Sea on both banks of the river Hull. For the 700 years of its existence, Kingston has been a market town, a military port, a commercial center, a fishing port and an industrial center.


The area where the present city is located was inhabited in the 12th century at the latest, when the abbey of Meaux was founded (built between 1150 and 1179).

The decree of 1440 established Kingston (or also Hull) as a city and established the functions of mayor, sheriff and twelve councilors. The charter also assigned councilors of justices of the peace for the city and surrounding counties.

In June 2007, a disaster struck the city. This year's major floods flooded about 20% of the city's inhabited area and damaged 90 out of 105 schools. Nevertheless, the public watched the rather dramatic course of the floods in Sheffield and Doncaster, which led local councilor Carl Minns to mark Hull as a forgotten city. Damage to schools alone was estimated at around £ 100 million.

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