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General Information

Norwich is a city in East Anglia. It is the regional and administrative center of Norfolk County.

The area administered by Norwich City Council has a population of 129,500 (2006). Norwich is in fourth place in terms of population density in East Anglia (3,319 inhabitants per km2).


There are two models of Norwich's development in Anglo-Saxon times. The first possibility is the existence of three separate settlements - one in the north of the river and two others in the south, which gradually merged into one.

The second variant is the expansion of the settlement in the north of the river after two settlements in the south remained abandoned in the 7th century. Early medieval Norwich was the vibrant trading center of East Anglia. Between 924 and 939, the city was fully established, even minting its own coins. In 1004, Norwich was conquered and burned by the Viking warlord Swein Forkbeard.

In 1096, Herbert de Losing, then Bishop of Thretford, began construction of the first cathedral. The main building block was limestone imported from Caen in Normandy. Until the Industrial Revolution as a prosperous and populous city, Norwich competed with Bristol for the position of the second most important city.

The old town center and the Victorian residential area in its vicinity were severely damaged in air raids during World War II. Industrial buildings and railway infrastructure were also damaged.

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Anglican Cathedral The Trinity, a two-choir three-nave basilica from the 11th century, one of the most important Norman buildings in England, its eastern choir is vaulted with a late Gothic fan vault; bishop's palace.

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Interesting facts

Of the 57 medieval churches, 31 have been preserved to date. Much of the medieval buildings are located in the city center - Assembly Rooms (1776), Octagon Chapel (1756), St Helen's House (1752) and Surrey Street (1761).

Victorian-era Victorian Surrey Street buildings, the Art Nouveau Royal Arcades and the Hotel de Paris and Earlham Road Cathedral have been preserved.

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