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Nottingham business Park, John Webster House, 6 Lawrence Dr, NG8 6PZ Nottingham, United Kingdom


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25 Business Park Bostocks Lane Sandiacre, NG10 5QG Nottingham, United Kingdom


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General Information

Nottingham is an English town (and the center of Nottinghamshire) in the East Midlands. According to the 2010 census, it had 306,700 inhabitants. The Nottingham Conurbation (which includes suburbs outside the city limits and neighboring towns) has a population of 666,358 (2001).

Nottingham was later occupied by the Vikings and in the 9th century became part of Danelaw (the northeastern part of England occupied and ruled by the Vikings from the 9th century).


The first signs of the local settlement date back to before the Romans, and even during their reign, the area was inhabited. The original name of the city was Tigguo Cobauc which means "place of cave dwellings". It was founded by the Anglo-Saxons after 660.

Part of the dwellings were created in hand-dug caves in shallow sandstone. The leader of the Saxons was a chief named Snot. Snot and his people settled in the place where Lace Market is now located. This area was called Snotingaham (literally "home of the Snot people") and this name was gradually changed to Nottingham.

Nottingham - Quick guide

The heart of the city is the Old Market Square, which underwent a major renovation in 2006. Most of the main shopping streets are concentrated around this square. The town hall building, whose unusually tall structure is visible from a great distance, is located at the upper end of the square. Inside the town hall is the Exchange Arcade shopping center. The bohemian Hockley district recently grew up around Lace Market.

Popular attractions in Nottingham include Nottingham Castle, the City of Caves, the Galleries of Justice and the Tales of Robin Hood, as well as ancient pubs. There are many parks and gardens around the city, popular with tourists and locals alike. Examples are Wollaton Park on the campus of Nottingham University, Colwick Park with a racetrack.

Nottingham is the third largest shopping center in England after London and Birmingham, surpassing both Manchester and Leeds. The approved construction of the Broadmarsh Shopping Center, at a cost of £ 400 million, is set to return Nottingham to second place. There are two main shopping centers in Nottingham - Victoria Center and Broadmarsh and the smaller Exchange Arcade, Flying Horse Walka Bridlesmith Gate with its many fashion boutiques.

Interesting facts

There are three pubs in Nottingham, which have taken on the title of the oldest English pub. They are Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem near the castle, The Bell on Old Market Square and The Salutation on Maid Marian Way. The name of the first of them probably comes from the fact that soldiers going on crusades met here.

Its inner wall shows the year 1189. A recently created television documentary states some facts - Trip is located in the oldest building, but initially there was a brewery; Salutation is located on the site of the oldest inn, but the current building is relatively new; Although not in a historic location, Bell boasts the oldest building.

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