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The Sanderson Suite 280 Havant Rd, PO6 1PA Portsmouth, United Kingdom


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General Information

Portsmouth is a town of approximately 209,000 inhabitants (2014) in the English county of Hampshire situated on the south coast of Great Britain. At the same time, it is a designation of a broader administrative unit formed by an agglomeration of surrounding cities.

With an estimated population of half a million, it is today (2006) the 11th largest urban area in England. An important seaport, it also serves as a resting place for many famous ships. Portsmouth was also the site of the embarkation of some of the units destined for the D-Day invasion.


Although the surrounding settlements date back to Roman times, mostly a branch of Portchester, the date of Portsmouth was usually considered to be 1180, when it was founded by the Norman nobleman Jean de Gisors. Most of the oldest documents about the city were probably destroyed by the Norman occupiers after the conquest of England by William the Conqueror. The oldest surviving detailed description of the city was discovered in a chronicle from Southwick from the 13th century.

n Anglo-Saxon times, a popular interpretation of the name as "the mouth / mouth of a man named Port" emerged, giving the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle a record that in 501 AD "Port and his two sons, Bieda and Mægla, arrived in Britain on two ships, and landed in a place now called Portsmouth.”

During World War II, the city suffered heavy bombing, which destroyed a number of burgher houses and a guild house. Although most of the city is already rebuilt, sometimes there are still unexploded ordnance on the construction sites.

In 2004, the Tricorn Center, nicknamed "Britain's ugliest building", was demolished. It was a large reinforced concrete complex with a shopping center, apartments, a nightclub and above-ground garages in the city center. The demolition was preceded by years of debate over its financing and the dispute over its preservation as an example of the brutalist architecture of the 1960s.

Portsmouth - Quick guide

Most of the city's sights are related to its maritime history. In the last decade, the much-needed reconstruction of tourist-attractive old shipyards has taken place. Other attractions include the D-Day Museum and HMS Victory, the remains of Henry VIII's flagship. Mary Rose, recently picked up from the seabed, the first British armored steamer HMS Warrior and the Royal Naval Museum.

In 2005, the Millennium project completed the construction of the 168-meter-high Spinnaker Tower on Gunwharf Quays. The viewing platforms are at sea level and at 99, 104 and 109 meters.

Other sights in the city include Charles Dickens' Birthplace, Blue Reef Aquarium, Cumberland House Natural History Museum, the Royal Naval Museum and Southsea Castle.

Interesting facts

The importance of the city of Portsmouth as a military port has been declining in recent years, but it remains the main shipyard and ase of the Royal Navy. There is also a commercial port for freight and passenger transport with destinations on the European continent.

The town is the birthplace of the writer Charles Dickens (Oliver Twist, Chronicle of the Pickwick Club, etc.), an English novelist of the 19th century.

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