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2140 Grand Avenue, Suite 120, 91709 Chino Hills, United States


Features: Private clinic

1130 Conroy Lane, Suite 100, 95661 Roseville, United States


Features: Private clinic

Certification: SART certified

10 Congress Street, Suite 509, 91105 Pasadena, United States


Features: Private clinic

2080 Century Park East, Suite 400, 90067 Los Angeles, United States


Features: Private clinic

1111 Exposition Blvd, #200, 95815 Sacramento, United States


Features: Private clinic

Certification: SART certified

2590 Venture Oaks Way Ste 103, 95833 Sacramento, United States


Features: Private clinic

16260 Ventura Blvd., Suite 210, 91436 Encino, United States


Features: Private clinic

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IVF clinics in California

The fertility clinics in California offer In Vitro Fertilization, egg donation, sperm donation, IUI insemination, male infertility treatment, egg freezing, surrogacy programs and LGBTQ+ family building.

General Information about California

California is a state on the western coast of the United States. It is the third largest state of the US and the most populous one. The capital city is Sacramento.

The most populous city is Los Angeles. Other significant cities are San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, Long Beach, or Oakland. California borders Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico.

History of California

The area was first settled by a wide range of Native tribes speaking many different languages.

The first European explorer was Portuguese Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who led a Spanish expedition in 1542.

In 1821, the Mexican War of Independence set Mexico free from Spain. California was a part of Mexico back then. However, after the Mexican - American War in 1848, it was ceded to the United States.

In the 1850s, there was a huge gold rush in California, that caused large social and demographic changes. Until today, this is seen as a symbol of California’s tendency to set trends and generate booms.

California - Quick guide

The geography of California is very diverse. You can find beaches, mountains, forests, and the desert! The climate is Mediterranean, temperate rainforest, desert, and also alpine.

In the middle of the state lies the California Central Valley, the productive agricultural land of the state.

Sierra Nevada, which means “snowy range” in Spanish, hides the famous Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park, where you can see giant sequoia trees. Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Falls are one of the most popular attractions. Another stunning piece of nature to see is Joshua Tree National Park.

The California rivers include the Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, Mojave River, Colorado River, and more. Surfers from the whole world are attracted by the bohemian vibes of Santa Cruz, a little city which is often compared to paradise. The state can offer many beautiful beaches, one of them being Monterey, which you might have seen in the series Big Little Lies.

Fans of nightlife and culture won’t be disappointed by any of the big cities mentioned – LA, San Fran, or San Diego.

Fun facts about California

California is widely accepted as a global trendsetter. The state is home of the American film industry, the hippies, fast food, or the Internet and the PC!

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