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2401 Terra Crossing Blvd #325, 40245 Louisville, United States


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6900 Houston Rd, Building 600, #15, 41042 Florence, United States


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4123 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 414, 40207 Louisville, United States


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Fertility Clinics in Kentucky

The fertility clinics in Kentucky offer various services, such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, male infertility treatment, fertility preservation, third-party reproduction and more.

General Information about Kansas

Kentucky is a state located in the Southern United States region of the USA. The capital city is Frankfort, the two largest cities are Louisville and Lexington. The state borders Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri.

History of Kentucky

The area known as Kentucky was originally home to five different culture groups: Iroquoian, Siuox, Algonquian, Muskogean, and Yuchi.

The first European explorer was French Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. The first permanent European settlement was founded in 1774. In 1792, Kentucky split from Virginia and became the 15th state of the USA.

Kentucky - Quick guide

Kentucky has humid, subtropical climate.

The area is divided into five regions: the Cumberland Plateau, the Bluegrass region, the Pennyroyal Plateau, the Western Coal Fields, and the Jackson Purchase.

This state is home to Mammoth Cave National Park, the world’s longest cave system. It can also offer one of the longest navigable waterways in the USA. The two largest man-made lakes, Lake Cumberland and Kentucky Lake, can both be found in Kentucky. One of the most famous tourist destinations is “My Old Kentucky Home” historic state park.

The area has been part of two of the most successful wildlife reintroduction projects in the USA and managed to save the elk, wild turkey, and gray wolf from extinction. It has one national park, two national recreation areas, two national historic parks, two national forests, two national wildlife refuges, 45 state parks, and 82 wildlife management areas.

Kentucky is known for horse racing, bluegrass music, tobacco, bourbon, and moonshine. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken is probably one of the first associations.

Fun facts about Kentucky

The state was named after the Kentucky River, however, the origins of the name “Kentucky” remain unclear. Experts think it could either come from the Iroquoian language, meaning “on the prairie,” or from Algonquian languages, meaning “the land of our fathers.”

A common nickname for Kentucky is the “Bluegrass State.” It is based on the Kentucky bluegrass, a special kind of grass that can be found on Kentucky pastures.