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General Information

South Dakota, (officially the State of South Dakota) is a state located in the northern United States, in the western northern states of the Midwestern United States. South Dakota borders North Dakota in the north, Minnesota in the east, Iowa in the southeast, Nebraska in the south, and Wyoming and Montana in the west.


The first European explorers arrived in South Dakota in 1743, and then New France began to claim the area.

As early as 1803, the entire French Louisiana was bought by the United States.

Subsequently, South Dakota, very sporadically populated by the Sioux word "dakhota" (ie, allies), was part of the Louisiana, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska territories.

It was not until the middle of the 19th century that the Americans began to populate the area, and thanks to this, their own Dakota territory was established in 1861, which was divided in 1889.

Its southern part became the 40th state of the USA on November 2, 1889 as South Dakota.

South Dakota - Quick guide

South Dakota is the seventeenth largest state in the USA, but in terms of population (900,000) it is the fifth least populous state and with a population density of 4 inhabitants per km2 it is also in 46th place.

The capital is Pierre with 15,000 inhabitants. The largest city is Sioux Falls with 170,000 inhabitants.

The highest point of the state is the peak of Black Elk Peak with an altitude of 2208 m in the Black Hills. The largest streams are the Missouri River, which forms part of the Nebraska border, and the Big Sioux, which forms the border with Iowa.

Fun facts

Nickname: The Mount Rushmore State

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