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General Information

Vermont, (officially State of Vermont), is a state located in the northeastern United States, in the New England region of the northeastern region of the United States. Vermont borders New York to the west, Massachusetts to the south, and New Hampshire to the east. It is bordered on the north by the Canadian province of Quebec.


Most of Vermont's territory has been claimed since the 17th century by France, which established the first European settlement with a fort on the island of Isle La Motte on Lake Champlain in 1666. The territory was part of the New France colony.

After the defeat in the Seven Years' War, the territory fell to Great Britain in 1763. It was claimed by both the New York and Newhemshire provinces, which distributed land here independently of each other.

The controversy ended in 1777 during the American Revolutionary War, when the territory declared its own independence as a republic called New Connecticut. After half a year, the name was changed to Vermont, which probably comes from the French "les Verts Monts" (Green Mountains).

The Republic of Vermont existed for 14 years and subsequently became the first new territory after the thirteen founding states to join the United States. On March 4, 1791, Vermont became the 14th state of the United States.

Vermont - Quick guide

Vermont is the sixth smallest state in the United States, the second least populous state in terms of population (620,000), and with a population density of 26 inhabitants per km2, it ranks 30th.

The capital is Montpelier with 8,000 inhabitants. The largest cities are Burlington with 42,000 inhabitants, Essex (21,000 inhabitants), South Burlington (19,000 inhabitants), Colchester (17,000 inhabitants), Rutland (17,000 inhabitants) and Bennington (16,000 inhabitants).

The highest point of the state is the summit of Mount Mansfield with an altitude of 1340 m, which is part of the Green Mountains, which permeates the entire state in a north-south direction.

The largest stream is the Connecticut River, which forms the entire length of the border with New Hampshire. Much of the border with New York runs through Lake Champlain, with Vermont owning most of the islands on the lake.

Fun facts

The Green Mountains stretch across the state, with peaks averaging about 1,200 m in diameter, just to the west of the state is a lowland, which, along with the Connecticut River, is a natural boundary to the east.

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