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1185 Corporate Drive, Suite 200, 53066 Oconomowoc, United States


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Certification: SART certified

3146 Deming Way, 53562 Middleton, United States


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Certification: SART certified

2500 N. Mayfair Rd., Suite 420, 53226 Wauwatosa, United States


Features: Private clinic

Certification: SART certified

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General Information

Wisconsin (officially the State of Wisconsin) is a state located in the northern United States, in the eastern northern states of the Midwestern United States.

Wisconsin borders Michigan in the northeast, Illinois in the south, Iowa in the southwest, and Minnesota in the west. The northern boundary is Lake Superior, the eastern boundary is Lake Michigan.


The first French explorers arrived in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlater Wisconsin in 1634, later the territory became part of New France. In 1763, the British gained territory as a result of the Seven Years' War, but it was not until this time that the first permanent European settlements began to appear in the region.

Since 1783, the Wisconsin area has been part of the newly formed United States, which in 1787 incorporated it into the Northwest Territories. After the annexation of Ohio, Indian and Nine American territories were created in 1800, and from 1818 the territory was part of Michigan territory, of which it remained a part until 1836, when its own Wisconsin territory was established.

On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became the 30th state of the United States.

Wisconsin - Quick guide

Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state in the United States, with a population of 5.8 million, the 20th most populous state, and with a population density of 41 inhabitants per km2, it ranks 23rd. The capital is Madison with 240,000 inhabitants. The largest city is Milwaukee with 600,000 inhabitants

The highest point of the state is the top of Timms Hill with an altitude of 595 m in the north of the state. The largest streams are the Menominee River, which forms part of the border with Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chippewa, St. Louis. Croix River, which forms part of the border with Minnesota, and Mississippi, which is the border with Minnesota and Iowa.

Fun facts

The name Wisconsin probably comes from the Ojibwe word Miskwasiniing, which means "Red Stone Site." Apparently it was used to denote the Wisconsin River.

The French recorded it as Ouisconsin, it was modified to its current form by the British. However, the more recent Ojibwe word (Wiishkoonsing or Wazhashkoonsing) means "The place of the muskrat" or "The place of the little muskrats." , was later extended to the entire territory.

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