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General Information

Wyoming (officially the State of Wyoming) is a state located in the northern United States, in the mountainous region of the western region of the United States.

Wyoming borders Montana to the northwest and north, South Dakota and Nebraska to the east, Colorado to the south, Utah to the southwest, and Idaho to the west.


The first explorers of European descent did not reach present-day Wyoming until the early 19th century. The region itself was on the border of the colonial interests of the European powers.

The almost uninhabited area remained divided between several American territories and in 1865 was named Wyoming after the Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley. In 1868, due to the gradual increase in population, Wyoming's own territory was established, which was separated from parts of the territories of Dakota, Idaho and Utah.

Wyoming became the 44th U.S. state on July 10, 1890.

Wyoming - Quick guide

Wyoming is the tenth largest state in the USA, but in terms of population (600,000) it is the least populous state and with a population density of 2 inhabitants per km2 it is in 49th place.

The capital and largest city is Cheyenne with 60,000 inhabitants. The highest point of the state is Gannett Peak with an altitude of 4209 m in the Wind River Range. The largest streams are the Yellowstone, North Platte, Green and Snake rivers.

Fun facts

Wyoming was among the first states to engage women in politics, and in 1925 Nellie Taylor Ross became the first governor of the state.

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