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IVF clinics in Arizona

The fertility clinics in Arizona offer various infertility treatment options, such as IVF, egg donation, embryo donation, and more.

General Information about Arizona

Arizona the sixth largest state of the United States of America, situated in the southwest. Its neighbors are Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada and Mexico. The biggest city is capital, Phoenix. Other significant cities include Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, or Glendale. Visiting Arizona, please be ready for desert climate.

History of Arizona state

The area of Arizona was originally inhabited by Native American tribes. The first person from the old continent to contact them was Marcos De Niza from Spain in 1539. At the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Spanish made many Indians convert to Christianity.

In the nineteenth century, the territory of Arizona became a part of Mexican New California. Mexico lost that area again in the Mexican-American War in 1848. Before the Territory of Arizona was established, the area was a part of New Mexico.

Arizona was one of the last states to be admitted to the Union, on February 14, 1912.

Arizona - Quick guide

One of the most famous things to visit in Arizona is the Grand Canyon National Park. It is even one of the world’s seven wonders! Other popular places are various beautiful forests and parks, such as the Petrified Forest National Park, and national monuments. A popular hiking area is Sedona, where you can see the Devil’s Bridge, the Bell Rock, or the Cathedral Rock. Or you can visit the Havasu Falls. The beautiful blue color of their water is caused by minerals.

If you are planning to see the Vermillion Cliffs, please bear in mind that you need to apply for permits in advance. Another amazing natural place to take pictures at is the famous Horseshoe Bend.

Although Arizona is generally a hot state, there are also areas with lower temperatures where it even snows in winter. If you go to Arizona in winter, you can go skiing in one of the resorts in Alpine or Tucson.

If you are more into culture, you can visit the Phoenix Art Museum, or for example the Heard Museum, displaying large collections of Native American art.

Interesting facts about Arizona

A significant part of Arizona is covered with Indian reservations, one of the biggest being the Navajo nation. As of 2011, Navajo had almost 170,000 speakers all over America. In Navajo, one of the most widely spoken Native American languages, Arizona is called Hoozdo Hahoodzo.

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