April IVF


Jen~ I’ve been wanting to comment on your loosing a few friends when you had DD 1 because you felt judged. I feel the same way with my very BFF. She ALWAYS makes comments that I am crazy and that I am dedicating my life to girls too much. And tells me that she used to drag her kids everywhere with her. My point to her is it is hard enough to deal with one fussy baby, if baby does not get good naps in, but dealing with two fussy babies if we messed up their naps is unbearable. She still thinks I am nuts and that I am taking it too far. Maybe I am but it is sooooo not worth it for me to go out for dinner and mess up girls’ bedtime and they pay for it all night long. Just plain not worth it. I would rather get them into bed and have some peace and quiet. Then DP listens to my BFF and gets into his head that it should be no big deal to go out with two babies. Of course, that is easily cured by us actually going out once and then he remembers for a while why we don’t do it. But very frustrating to be hearing that from BFF. I love that Jessie takes four big bottles a day, must be so nice. My gals are still on pretty much every 3 hours during the day. I am sure Juliet can easily go to 4 hour schedule but Allison just can’t. She just does not eat enough in one sitting.

Karen~ yay for first tooth! Do you still use manual pump? Does it work pretty well? How do you have your hands free for typing, confused… I pumped in the office once on Friday and it was perfectly fine. The room is very clean and private and I brought in my lap. It is still way more convenient to do it at home though.

Sorry for crappy personals… I should be able to get back on later. Another awful feeling day. EVERYTHING is getting to me, I mean EVERYTHING. Even little thing that DP bought skim milk vs 1% (and I normally don’t give a sh!te one way or the other about milk). Work is going OK. I am working from home and had to listen to Allison cry for good 15 minutes while my Mom was trying to put her down for a nap and I couldn’t do anything about it because I was on the conference call.


mckenna - Braden will be rolling soon! Yay for DD pooping in potty and for all the swimming taking place. Jess loves the jumperoo too. It cracks me up. She is pretty happy in it too and just gets wild!

nat - how soon your BFF forgets. I am sure she went through some crazy stressful times as well. Everyone’s situation is different and every kid is different. It is so hard figuring out one, but figuring out two and two that are different. I commend mothers of multiples in this arena. I would probably be cuckoo. I know when our friends had their twins, my DH and I were very careful about what we said. We know that it is so tough and it feels like it is never going to change. I always said to the mom, that it is whatever works for her and her family. If something didn’t work for her, I knew she would change it or try something different, so she certainly didn’t need me telling her what to do. Oh, and as far as taking kiddos out and messing with schedule, I am not a fan. I have a little more flexibility with Jess, but with my older DD, no way! She would be a mess! And we would pay!


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Karen – Yay for Nate getting a tooth. How wonderful. I can’t believe he’s 5 months old. I really hope things work out for your friend.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]McKenna – We’re flying. We were initially thinking about driving and then I found a decent deal… I found a deal that was like $1,000 (or there abouts…) for flight AND hotel…and it’s non-stop flight. So it’s only 2.5 hours. And it’s only like 200 more than we would have spent driving…it is SO worth it to save 30 hours of driving, the back pain that comes along with that and the time wasted. YAY for pooping progress :flower: You’re so lucky that you have a pool to go to. Good job on the garage sale. I need to think about doing that too….[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Nat – Sorry you’re having such a rough time.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]AFM – Nothing really new on my end. Maybe the herbal drugs I have been taking aren’t working to regulate my body like I thought they were last month. I still haven’t gotten AF and she was due on Friday. I am not going to psych myself out again thinking “what if my body worked” because the disappointment doesn’t get any easier…[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I have been so exhausted the past couple of days… all I want to do is sleep. I think I have just been so busy and my body has had enough. Working out on Saturday and then fixing DH’s car (which is not done) was exhausting…then I did laundry later in the day because I knew I would be gone a lot of the day yesterday at the baby shower. The we watched the UFC fight at night… The Baby shower Sunday didn’t affect me like I thought it would. But it was at a restaurant and more formal then I have ever been to before. They did a gift “display” so they asked people not to wrap the gifts so they could be displayed on the table and give the parents-to-be more time to spend with their guests… I’ll tell you this… I said hi to them when I walked in and said bye when I left… never really got to chat. I thought going into it that the display was a cool idea, but I think that it didn’t allow the “interaction” with the guests that unwrapping gifts does. Anyway, not the way I would have done it…but whatever…[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]On a brighter note… My vacation is next week and I am SO ready. On of my friends from my job (but works in our Houston office) is going to be in New Orleans for work next Tuesday so we are gonna hook up. Since my birthday is next Wednesday we’re gonna celebrate with her on Tuesday. It should be fun…especially because she goes there a lot and knows it well.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Well, that’s it on me… sorry to ramble.[/SIZE][/FONT]


melissa - So glad you are flying. Gas is crazy these days and that way you have more time. Sorry about the herbal drugs not doing the trick. I thought that the shower display sounded interesting. Although it sounds like it didn’t work like it was supposed to. And missing the “ooohs” and “ahhhs”.


Mckenna~ good to hear from you! Missed you!!! Sounds like you’re having a good time. Jealous of all your pool time and hot weather. I can’t wait until it gets hot here to take the girls swimming at nearby pool. We filled up our big bath tub on a hot day and put them there and they loved it. Oh, I am shedding hair like crazy, too. I thought it was my thyroid. Glad to hear that DD is making progress on pooping. My Juliet is not much into rolling either. She gets from back to side and has done tummy to back but only a handful of times. She is happy on tummy and has no need to roll. Sounds like your little man is the same way! Allison, on the other hand, HATES tummy time so she mastered rolling from front to back. Don’t disappear on us again :slight_smile:


Melissa~ like Jen said, at least the whole ooooh-aaaaah at the baby shower was skipped. We did traditional ooooh-aaaaah and I would have been OK without it. So exciting that your vacation is right around the corner and flying is nicer than driving. Although driving is fun, you just have to have plenty of time.

AFM~ just got off the phone with project manager and her first question was ‘what is my availability for travel’. Hello? Did you hear that I just had twins? Do you really think I want to travel for work? OMG, STRESS! I told them that I would prefer to not travel and if travel is a must, then I will do a day trip. I’ll sit and pump on the plane, LOL, since our company provides private jets and they have power outlets (I was joking but I may end up doing it because the flights take off at 6am so I won’t have other time). And I know it sounds like luxury “private jets” and that’s exactly what I thought before I was on one but they are small 37 passenger planes with small seats, no leg room at all, and hard seats. The only nice thing is they fly out of small airports and I don’t have to deal with security.


mmckenna: Braden sounds so cute! I want to bite him! (I love to bite chunky babies). Let us know how he likes the pool once it gets warm enough for him to go in. I’m thinking of getting a baby pool for our back deck so DH and Nate can play out there during the day. That’s great about dd doing so well with the potty. My nephew who turns 4 in August is barely even peeing on the potty now and never poops on it. He knows how to use it but has just decided he is not going to. Oh, well. My sister can deal with that.

Nat: I do still use the manual pump, and can do it one handed. I use the electric pump at home so I don’t have to wash the pump accessories when I get home and then use them and immediately re-wash them. But I feel like I can’t get the suction quite right with the electric one and I bruise my nipple. Owie. As for going out with twins, I can see why you wouldn’t want to. I just have one and I don’t really take him places. We take him to the grocery store, and I’ve taken him to the office, but that is pretty much it. We are trying church this weekend and I’m nervous about that.

Lily: I don’t remember what your schedule is. You are starting a cycle soon, right? I’m excited about this cycle.

Kate: How are you adjusting to mommyhood? Can you tell your boys apart?

AFM: Nate got a second tooth this morning. Now he has both his bottom front teeth. Today is his first day of summer with dh, so we’ll see how it goes. We’re also getting our deck redone and our broken hot tub pulled out of the yard today. We can’t really afford it, but it needs to get done and I’d like to have the deck fixed up for Nate’s baptism on the 26th so we can let people go outside so there is more room & seats for everybody. My house isn’t all that big and dh keeps inviting everyone he sees.


Sara~Good luck sorting everything out and deciding on an agency, sounds like it will keep you busy for awhile.

McKenna~I will share names with you ladies when we decide on two definite names. I am just not sure when that will be, we seem to be taking our time figuring that out. Love the photos of your cute kids on FB.

Karen~Wow, I can’t believe Nate has a tooth already. I hope everything works out for your friend’s IVF journey and you are her hero for showing her the way.

Sheri~Missing you.

Candi~When is your next appt.?

AFM~The weekend was a whirlwind for me. Friday night we had a birthday party for my niece and DH. Saturday morning I walked with my mom and that felt really good. Then the rest of the weekend went downhill from there. My brother and SIL have been married for 25 yrs in Oct and it has been a very rough 25 years. She has kicked him out a few times and a lot of fighting. They both have their major faults. Saturday my brother moved out and doesn’t know what he is going to do next. She just started seeing a therapist and he put her on meds and she is trying to transform herself. It just hope it is not too late for them. Sunday morning my mom and dad, brother and sister and I got together to talk to my brother and we were all crying.
Tomorrow morning I have an u/s to see if they can find 2 kidneys on my baby. It will be so nice to see the little peanut again.


Karen~ Oh, I know all too well about bruised boobs/nipples. I constantly have to do something to my left one. It never produces as much milk as my right one and it always seems not to get flowing. So, I squeeze it, massage it, you name it. I hope you get your deck all cleaned up. I can’t believe Nate has two teeth now! I bet it is super cute. We need pictures. Oh, back to boobs… I heard that manual pump can usually get what electric pump can’t. Is it true?

Kristin~ sorry about your brother. 25 years is a long time, I hope they can figure out their differences and stick together. But sometimes, going separate ways is better as well. I hope you get to see two kidneys tomorrow! I am sure your LO was just hiding some goodies.

Carol~ how is Avery doing? Is she getting better at being around other people?

AFM~ I have no clue what is going on with Juliet. Super duper easy baby has become a nightmare for going to bed at night. Last night is new record of 2 hours 15 minutes for getting her down. I made 7oz bottle for her. She ate first part while awake, burped, took the bottle again and fell asleep while eating but kept on eating until she finished. I had to go to the bathroom really badly so I gave her to DP to burp. She opened her eyes. Afterwards, we both kissed her and walked out. Allison was already sleeping. Juliet kicked and turned and yelled until she woke up her sister. Luckily, Allison went back to sleep fairly easy. More yelling from Juliet and she looked completely wiped out. Rubbing her eyes, scratching herself, but pulling a smile every time I came in. I figured I would leave her alone so she went on for 20 minutes talking, yelling but not crying. I knew she was overtired so I figured I would rock her to sleep. She wouldn’t have any of that and just tried to get out from my arms. Then in a while DP said he will try getting her settled with the same lovie blanket we use for Alli. No luck at all and she started screaming/waling… and wouldn’t stop. He transferred her to the swing and she just cried harder. He was being stubborn telling me that he could get her down and was telling me to go to the grocery store. yeah, like i could leave with screaming baby that so far, no one but me could get her down. she wouldn’t give up at all. finally, i just took her, held her while she was sobbing. At that point, I figured that it’s been 2 hours so maybe she wants to eat after all so I breastfed her and she finally went to sleep. I just don’t know what it is… She used to be breastfed all her meals except for night time bottle of BM. Now, she only BF first thing in the morning. I don’t know if she misses it more or what. And now she gets fed by my Mom or nanny. I just don’t know what to think. Although her not wanting anyone but me started while I was still breastfeeding her almost all meals. It is soooo heart breaking. And DP makes me feel worse because I step in. He feels terrible that he can’t get her down but my point to him is it is not about us but it is about her. Well, he says what if there is an emergency and you can’t be there to put her down? I suppose then she would have to deal with it but why make her suffer now? I don’t want it and I also don’t want to fight with him anymore. It is so nice that he is so hands-on Dad but sometimes I wish he would be a typical guy and just stay out of my way. We’ve agreed that we will revisit night time sleep training of Juliet when she is 6 months. She sleeps through the night without problems, it is just going to sleep AT NIGHT that is the problem. Sorry it is so long, just venting and looking for suggestions.


Kristin - I hope things get worked out with your brother. So sorry to hear that. 25 years is a long time. Can’t wait to hear about the u/s. I am hoping the LO gives you a good view of both kidneys!

Nat - I really don’t have too much advice other than my older DD got that way. Finally we figure out that if she yawned or rubbed her eyes just once, we would put her in bed. She would talk and go to sleep. BUT, if we missed that window of opportunity, she would scream for one hour and 45 minutes. I know that sounds funny that I don’t round it, but we literally timed it and every time it would be the same amount give or take a minute. We couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t hold her, rock her, nothing. She was mad as h$ll. My mom was watching her for us for two days in a row once, and I warned her about it. Well, she didn’t listened to me and the first day she cried the entire time. The next day, my mom was on it. She said the minute she yawned she put her in her crib and just like I told her, she went down and was happy to do it.

Karen - Holy Moses! Another tooth! That is great! I keep waiting for Jess to get something or some sign of something, but she just chews like crazy and nothing!


Thanks Jen. And you know, this is my baby that required no help in going to sleep and didn’t cry at all for 3 months. She went nuts on my Mom today while I was eating lunch and had TV on and didn’t hear. And just like when I grab her from DP, I took her from my Mom and she stopped, looked at her and smiled. WTF??? I really hope she gets over this soon, it’s terrible. Seems like no one can deal with her but me. And my baby Allison is practically an angel. Sure, she cries before every single sleep but not that long and then stops and goes to sleep, usually with help of the monkey blanket. I am training Juliet to use a monkey, bought her same one.


real quick before the queen freaks out…

Nat, you are describing Avery to the T! she still wants to be held all the time but has gotten a little better and will go to strangers and not just me now lol. But, when shes freaking out and I take her, she stops immediately and smiles just like Juliet. They all go thru these phases but I know that if she’s flippin out and she sees me, she only wants me and wont stop. If shes freaking and only has my dh and im nowhere in sight, then he can normally calm her but it takes longer. Shes gotten better because he could never calm her at all so at least now she will go to him if she has to!

ok she freaking so gotta run lol


Just a quick update! I went to see RE and I had an u/s which revealed that I my fibroid might be pressing into my uterus :grr: . He said after AF then I should have a saline u/s to make sure all is well. :af: came Saturday, I will go for u/s on Friday then is all is well then start my cycle w/ my next period and transfer in August with my Lily.

I’m not super excited or anxious or anything for that matter. Just taking it one day at a time. Guess it hasn’t sunken in yet. I sure hope this is my very LAST cycle by the grace of God.

There’s much more but this headache that is throbbing like a machine says I’ve written enough! I must report that after hitting a snag, I have finally hit my short term goal weight. Now on to the next 15 lbs :clap: !


Rosie: I hope the saline u/s reveals that all is well and you get the go ahead to start your cycle. Boo on the headache, but yay for the weight loss!!

Karen: I can’t believe Nate already has two teeth!!! DD didn’t get her first tooth until the week of her first birthday, and since my kids seem to be total opposites, I pretty much expected Braden to have a full set of teeth by two months old! LOL! But, he keeps drooling and chewing and still nothing. I hope the deck gets done and you have a nice Baptism. What did you decide to do about Godparents? How did your dh’s first day home with Nate go today?

Melissa: What’s going on with the people in NOLA that you don’t want to go there now (I saw your FB post)? Happy Early Birthday! How fun to celebrate while on vacation!

Nat: Sorry about your BFF. Braden and DD were the same way. They have a set bedtime and, unfortunately, it’s early so it keeps you from doing a lot of things for awhile. DD went to bed by 630 most nights. Braden is more like 730ish give or take a few. But, we still have to make sure we are home by that time or else we get total meltdown. It’s no fun being out with people if you have to deal with a fussy baby (or babies in your case). I have no advice with Juliet. Luckily, Braden seems pretty content with either me or dh although I know he prefers me, but will go with dh. Sorry she is so fussy though at bedtime. I like Jen’s suggestion in looking for that first sign of tiredness and getting her to bed asap. I do that with Braden. That’s why his beditme varies, but it’s usually in the 7:00 hour. I have found it’s easier to get a baby to sleep before they are too tired. Stupid project manager asking you about travel. I would be stressed out too.

Kristin: Sorry to hear about your brother and his wife. It’s gotta be hard dealing with a rocky relationship for 25 years. I hope it works out one way or another. Have fun at the u/s tomorrow. I am sure that second kidney will show up!

Jen: Didn’t you say that Jessie is having constipation issues like your older DD did? Braden has been a little constipated since switching formulas and I am not sure if it’s ok to give him miralax, I thought you said you were giving Jessie miralax??? If I call the pedi they will just tell me to give him prune juice in his bottle and feed him prunes, but I would rather go the miralax route if possible…seems more appetizing and less messy!

AFM: I have been transitioning Braden to his crib for the past week. It’s going ok. He goes down at bedtime, but he usually wakes sometime in the middle of the night for a bottle and then he wants to cuddle with me. I try to only let him cuddle for a few minutes and then put him in the PNP which we still have up in our room. He slept from 7p-4a in his crib last night though which is the longest he has gone in there. If he would just sleep through the night, I know he would be fine in there. Now I just need to get him napping in there. He currently takes his morning nap in his swing, but he is getting so big he is going to outgrow it soon. DD slept in her swing until she was 16 months old. She was a little peanut!


mckenna - Yes, Jess was a little constipated in the beginning and I gave her miralax. I even told pedi that I was and he was fine with it. However, things have changed tremendously. Sometimes she will go twice a day. She is definitely not having a problem anymore. We are using the Kirkland formula now. We still use the Similac pre-made on the go bottles when we are “on the go”. We did the same thing with older DD. 7-4 is great! He is so adorable. I love the pic of him smiling so huge in his jumperoo. Jess is done with swing too. I packed it away when I got home. She wasn’t really interested in it anyway. My older DD loved it and slept in it all the time.

Nat - Oh, I think Juliet is Momma’s girl. That is what I was saying about Jess until we went to Chicago, but things are changing a bit since we are back. She is ok with the nanny and DH, but if others come around her she freaks. Every time I take her to pick up my older DD at preschool/daycare she loses it if someone puts their face by her and gives her attention. If they are far enough away, she is fine, but get up close and you’d think they pinched her.

Rosie - Yay for having a plan! I hope all is well! It would so sweet to have you and Lily pregnant at the same time!

Melissa - I didn’t see your FB post. What happened?


Real quick post. DP is not here for girls’ bedtime because he has older DD’s high school graduation. This was the easiest going down for bed. My Mom fed Allison and just held her on our bed while I was still feeding Juliet. I put Juliet in the crib (she never cries right away) and took Allison and put her to bed. She is used to DP putting her to crib and she cries for him every single night, I think wanting him to rock her. She didn’t cry for me at all!!! Just talked for a tiny while the way I usually hear her in the car or stroller before she doses off and went to sleep. Juliet started fussing which I was expecting because she didn’t finish her bottle. It’s like she does not realize she has to take a big feeding because she is going down for the night until she is in her crib. So she fussed to eat the rest of her bottle. She finished it, burped and went back down. Fussed again so I got Allison’s bottle that she didn’t finish and gave it to her in the crib without picking her up. She ate that and went to sleep. I feel like I am in heaven!!!


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Rosie – I am so hoping that everything looks great on your saline sono. Congrats on meeting your short term goal weight!!! Awesome[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]McKenna – They were just being rude[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Jen – I called this cab company to see what their rates are to pick up at the airport and drive to the French Quarter (it’s only like 13 miles). The lady says “We can’t pick up at the airport…call kenner cab AND HUNG UP ON ME!!! Snobby a$$ B*tch…. So my FB post said [I]“I will never go to NOLA again and I haven’t even gotten there. People are RUDE…act like that to my face and see if you don’t get slapped”[/I]… LOL I had really just had enough. This was after multiple phone calls to lots of places here and in NOLA trying to find airport transportation. It was absolutely ridiculous. It’s all sorted out now, but I was UBER frustrated yesterday. [/FONT][FONT=Wingdings][FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Nat – I am so happy the girls went down well last night. Here’s to hoping you have more nights like that.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]AFM – Still no AF… UGH… I really wanted to get this over with prior to my vacation……doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. Oh Well…[/FONT][/SIZE]


Jen: How much miralax were you giving Jessie? DD gets 2t everyday, but IDK if that would be a little too much for him. I even started him on solids in the hopes that the extra fiber would help out. No luck yet. That’s great that Jessie is doing better with it. I was really hoping Braden didn’t have the same problem as DD.

Nat: Awesome bedtime! Sometimes it’s just easier to do things myself than to include DH, even though he wants to help. I hope it wasn’t a fluke and that it’s like this from now on! Sorry you had to miss SD graduation though.

Melissa: That does suck. I am glad it all worked out. I hope AF gets here ASAP or stays away until after vacay!

AFM: Working for the boy today. Ugh. I need to get ready and get these kiddos ready. Busy morning.

Braden slept from 8p-6a in his crib last night!!! I gave him a bottle at 6a, put him in our bed and he talked for awhile and then went back to sleep and is still sleeping…well, I am sure I just jinxed it and he is going to wake up now! LOL!

Have a great day, ladies!


Nat, yay for getting them to sleep tear free!!!

Mckenna, Braden is so cute!!! (saw pics on fb) what a good boy sleeping thru in his crib

Mel, sorry bout AF where is she already!

Rosie, heres hoping to getting on track with lily!!!

Just got back from hospital with Avery. She had that ultrasound to check her kidneys for reflux. She did so good, not a peep out of her! They put a dye up her girly parts to watch and see if her bladder was emptying correctly…it wasnt. She has kidney reflux but very minor. Her urine leaks back up into her kidneys just a little bit. So to keep her urine clean, she will have to be on an antibiotic for a year and get rechecked. They usually outgrow it, when the kidneys and bladder mature. It runs in families and 2 of my nephews have it so i assumed that was what Avery’s uti was from.


Carol - Oh I am sorry. I am glad it is just a little bit, but still. I hope they mature quickly. Love the FB water pics. So, did she like it? Jess went in our pool for the first time yesterday and we are going to the lake this weekend. She likes it, but the thing I had her in didn’t let her smack the water like she does in the tub.

Mckenna - I think I just did one teaspoon and if she didn’t go that day, I would bump it up the next.

Nat - Yay! Yay! Yay! I hope it goes that well every night! Are you giving the girls food/cereal? I can’t remember if you said you were. By the way, they are just too cute. I would love to get a hold of their cute cheeks!

Melissa - Oh yeah! I would be ticked! What a pain! And I know about the cost to the airport. It is crazy. Now that my dad is retired, he drives us and picks us up all the time. Sorry about AF! Never good timing!

AFM - Girls, maybe TMI, but probably not for this group. I am getting my IUD checked today. I have several complaints about it. I have had my period for more than 14 days (along with back pain and minor nagging cramps off and on). Anybody else experience this? I am on the one with progesterone.