April IVF


Melissa - Welcome back! It looked like you had a great vacation on FB. Did you do the ghost tour? Is your pelvic infection cleared up?

Carol - You are way better than me. I have no tolerance for heat anymore. I used to love it as a kid, but I think with thyroid issues and age, I can’t bear it. Avery was so cute in her pictures as was your older kiddos. It looked like it was fun all in all. So, I think I am in your DH frame of mind. I am so tired, I feel like quitting my job today. I couldn’t do it, but I really want to!

Karen - Go Nate! Of course he was a little angel! He is so darn cute. The socks sound cute and I think it is just fine to frame them!

Kristin - yes, it was crazy. I finally told work that I would not work after 8:30 last night because I had to spend some time with my family. I was an awful host the whole time. I see an apology letter in my future.

Nat - Wow! It sounds like the kiddos did so well! It always amazes me how different kids are that come from the same parents. My older DD would not sleep anywhere without a fight unless it was her bed and she was sure that there wasn’t a party going on without her. Jess can sleep anywhere, but is kind of a light sleeper. I know I am not really the one to give advice on BF since I only made it 4 weeks, but I would stop before your trip. Two months after that they will be on regular milk (if you do that). You’ve done an excellent job and it will be a great trip for you and kiddos if you are not stressed and worrying about it.

AFM - I want to quit so bad! I am so tired and was the absolute worst host to my guests! Kiddos are doing well despite all this. I plan to have a talk with my boss about the work|life|balance issue. I know there are people who can do this with little ones, but I must not be one of them. I feel like I am tired and short fused all the time and it is not right. Anyway, I know there are worse things and I am lucky to have a job, so I hope you don’t mind my complaining. DH is so over it and my older DD’s imaginative play is that she has to work. Great, right?


Love you guyz!

Melissa- I just remembered that I owe you some info. I will email it tonight, I’m sorry :frowning: .

Lily- Can’t wait to hear about your trip :clap:

All the great pics of bellies and beautiful babies makes me anxious to see August come. I sure hope this works and my uterus doesn’t fail me…


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]KST – I am actually not a huge fan of cemeteries… but the ones on NOLA are gorgeous. Here are a couple pics for you… the first one is the grave where Easy Rider was filmed…I can’t remember if it was Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper sitting in the statues lap. The Third one is Nicholas Cages monument he built there…it was after he filmed National Treasure (hence the shape), [/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Jen – We didn’t end up doing the Ghost tour, but that was fine by me. I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep if we had. I TOTALLY believe in ghosts and it freks me out. Our hotel was haunted and they had a pamphlet of the rooms where guests constantly have experiences and information about the other “happenings there. I didn’t read it until we were in the cab on the way to the airport… LOL. I’m such a wimp. Sorry about working so much, hopefully your boss will understand. I have been wanting to quit my job too lately… Not because I am unhappy here (totally not), the commute just KILLS me and honestly, I just don’t want to work anymore. That will NEVER happen though. I make substantially more than DH so there is no way I could ever be out of work. DH is the one with the college degree too… UGH. I just wish it was in something a little more lucrative. He doesn’t even use it. ANYWAY…just venting along with you…lol[/SIZE][/FONT]


hey ladies. i just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know we’re still here. life’s been pretty hectic with work and trying to finish squaring our house away. but, we’re finally at a place where we don’t have to stress about unpacking and all that silly nonsense. babies are sleeping better and better and fiiiiiiiinally like their swings, so that’s been a help. i’m putting some feelers out for a different job, so we’ll see how that goes crosses fingers. josh’s baby mama drama hasn’t gotten any better. he hasn’t seen his little girl in over 2 weeks now. anyway, just wanted to pop on and say hi. i need to get caught up with all the happenings here before i can do personals. hope everyone is well!

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Nat, I would not do paxil (in fact im very surprised the np suggested this) I was on paxil for about a year and so no difference. I know a couple of people who also tried it and it didnt help. Not many docs recommend paxil anymore because of its hard to wean off of and frankly, just not the best choice in my opinion. I would definitely go with zoloft, it is very gentle, been around forever, no side effects, and great for anxiety for most people.
As for stopping bf its such a hard decision I know but I would prob stop too. 10 months is a long time for anyone let alone twins!! I miss bf and I wish Avery liked it cause I prob still be doing it but with 2 I cant imagine lol. I think you will be ready by 10 months because at that age, they arent really eating bf all that much and when they do bf, they stop and look around so much it becomes irritating.


Thanks Jen and Carol for your input on BF!

Carol~ also, thanks for info on Paxil. Reviews I read were not good either. I wonder why she thought it would be good. I am not on anything right now, just have Xanax at home and prescription for more. Oh, and as far as breastfeeding goes… I am actually down to one breastfeeding session per day with Juliet. The rest of the day I pump and bottle feed both girls. Juliet used to be breastfed all the time but ever since I started working, I switched to pumping. I miss it but it is easier that way because I still had to pump for Allison and I needed to do it right after I BF Juliet to be sure that there is enough time for body to make milk for next feeding. And it was getting harder and harder to get pumping in when I should have. So now I pump when it is convinient and sometimes every 2 hours to get enough milk for feeding. I am crazy, I know, but it is not bad at all during the day because I am at home working anyways so I just sit and pump. It gets much harder on the weekends. I am still able to keep up with their demand, just don’t freeze anymore. I guess if I make it to 10 months, it will be good as is. How did Avery do in FL heat? I know you hated it but curious how LO did. My girls hate being hot, just hate it, especially Allison. I run AC in the house when it is slightly warm because they can’t sleep otherwise.

Jazz~ Hi! Good to hear from you. How is Samantha doing back at work? How are babies? Glad that they are finally sleeping better.

AFM~ Juliet had her projectile vomiting again last night. She usually takes 7oz bottle before bedtime with several small breaks. Last night was all the same. But she was fussing and fussing in bed so I picked her up to see if she needed to burp and pretty soon I felt my whole back get wet and then again and again. Three major barfs – poor girl. She has not done this in a while. But last night didn’t scare me as much as other times have. I still felt bad for her but I was in control and didn’t panic like before. I guess I am learning. Allison is doing so good. She went from a girl that cried and cried and cried to a happy little angel. She still gets frustrated and yells a lot more than Juliet but she hardly cries. She just can’t be in the same spot for too long, gotta be moving with her. Even if you hold her, she will fuss after a while if you are just sitting down. If you want to be sitting down, then you have to let her stand up and let her jump. She is such busy body, it is unreal…

We need to introduce solids to the girls. Ped said to start with fruits and veggies. He didn’t say anything about baby cereal. It seems like cereal is what most people start with. I am so confused!!!


Nat, whatever bf you do is amazing! I cant believe your milk suppy wow! It gets a little easier to wean when their older because they most babies are too “busy” to nurse so you get “weaned” along with them so its not so hard on you emotionally lol.
Aww poor Juliet I wonder if she was just too full and thats her stomachs way of rebelling…good for you not panicking! a sure sign that you are an experienced mom now!!
I would start them on rice or oatmeal cereal…mix some bf in with it to water it down and then try a little bit on a spoon. I’m sure they will love it! After a few days I would add some applesauce. After 3 days of one fruit you can add a different one. I did bananas (thats a favorite), then pears and peaches.


Thanks Carol! When during the day do you give Avery solids?


Nat, for her first feeding (around 6ish) she just gets a bottle…then around 9 she will have another one but i’ll give her cereal and fruit. Then at lunch i’ll give her a veggie, at dinner she will have a different veggie and a fruit. Once she starts meats i’ll change it up to veggie and fruit at lunch, meat and veggie at dinner.
When she first started I only gave her cereal and fruit at breakfast for a while till she got used to it.

Jen, have you heard from your boss? ugh theres nothing worse when you want to quit your job so badly cause your fed up. My dh did it so can you lol!!!


Hello ladies! Swamped at work. Boo! Can I join Jen & Mel in a wish that I was independently wealthy and didn’t need to work? Three day weekend coming up, though, and I refuse to work over the weekend.

Mel: Thanks for the photos. I like them! I love pretty graveyards. Ooh, and I saw a ghost once. If I get a moment I’ll type up the story for you.

Nat: Like Carol, I started Nate with rice cereal and after three days started mixing fruits or veggies in with it (my pediatrician said you have to wait 3 days in between new foods because that’s how long it takes sometimes for a bad reaction and if you gave more than one new food you wouldn’t know which one made the babies sick). I only give Nate solid food for one meal in the evening, as my doc said that was enough until he was 6 months, but I don’t think it would really be a problem if I gave Nate more solid foods.

Jazz: So good to hear from you! It is not surprising that you have been really busy lately, what with twins and moving, so I’m glad to hear things are starting to get a bit settled. What sort of job are you thinking about?

Dear Universe: You need to make sure Rosie’s uterus behaves itself and makes a nice healthy baby. Or else I might have to get violent with you. . .

AFM: Our friends who were also suffering from IF and who started IVF recently after seeing how happy we were with Nate didn’t RSVP regarding Nate’s baptism. It was only weird because when DH was speaking with the wife a couple of weeks ago she was all excited and said she would be there. DH called and left a message Thursday before the baptism and nothing. She called yesterday to say that they had been in town, but she had recently undergone her ER and ET, and her beta is this coming Friday, so she was juts emotionally not in a place to be around a baby right now. I totally understand and am not angry about it, but just wish she had called back before the baptism so I wouldn’t have had to count them in when buying food and stuff. Anyhow, DH was a loser and didn’t ask anything about how many eggs they got, how many embies, whether she had a 3 day or 5 day transfer, so I got nothing! Now I just have to wait until Friday.


Nat - I tried cereal first and I made it kind of runny. I’ve been really bad about keeping on the same food for three days, but I give her fruit mixed with cereal in morning, just fruit at lunch and then veggies mixed with cereal at dinner. I say mixed, but I don’t stir them together, I just place them on the spoon together and then separately sometimes.

Karen - I really hope it went well for your friends. You’ll have to post an update. Sorry they didn’t come to the baptism or let you know.

Carol - My boss is back and apparently he was talking with my other co-worker who was helping me and working even more hours than me. He informed me that he got an earful from him. Hopefully the next project, which starts next week, doesn’t require me to work overtime, since I will refuse. I feel like Jessie is getting so big so fast and it is freaking me out. I just want to enjoy her!

Melissa - Love the pictures! It sounds like you had fun. My DH and I loved Bourbon St. at night (mostly the music), but the next morning, I thought I would die. It smelled horrible and this was before Katrina. The street cleaners come and make it better by the afternoon, but we had to walk quite far for breakfast since I couldn’t eat with that smell.

Rosie - Bring on August! I can’t wait to have you and Lily pregnant together!

Jazz - Crossing my fingers for you! Hope you get the new job! Saw pictures of you all on FB. Too cute! The babies are getting big!

Kate, Candi, Sara, Kristin, Mckenna, Lily, Sheri hope you are having a wonderful week! If I missed someone I am so sorry! I hope you are having a wonderful week as well!

AFM - Dang, Jess is getting big! I feel like time is flying. She is already sitting up and wants so badly to crawl. No teeth yet, but plenty of drool! I have slowed down at work and I am planning on future push backs when overtime is required. I need to be with my kids! Oh and my DH too! :slight_smile: We’ve planned some family vacations and I am pretty happy. Heading to southern CO, TX (Lily?), Chicago again in Nov, and then probably CO mountains in Dec. Oh, and I don’t know if I told you about my MIL’s visit to WA, where her birth mother lived. The lady I found there that knew her mother took her around the town to show her where her mother worked, lived and spent most her time. She also put together a luncheon where a bunch of people gathered to tell my MIL stories of her birth mother. It was truly wonderful. There is an article written about it in the Cheney, WA newspaper. I’ve also tried to make contact with her only surviving first cousin, his son and the student that was at the school where her birth mother taught in OK. Ok, enough about me! Have a great day!

Here is the article…
Woman believes deceased Cheney educator is her mother - Spokesman.com - June 9, 2011


OMG Jen… that article is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing


Carol~ how big of bottles does she take? So, is it 4 bottles a day?

Karen~ sorry that your friend didn’t let you know ahead of time. I mean, out of all people, you probably would understand. I think it is a little rude. I hope their IVF goes well and she gets pregnant. I mentioned long time ago that I inspired a friend of mine to try IVF again (they did one 5 years ago and it was total failure with lots of complications). They went to a different RE than mine and found out that her hubby’s SA went from poor to ZERO sperm. And he does not want to do any procedure to get sperm. I felt so bad… her attempt failed before they even got started. Both of them have problems (she has PCOS) but they had no idea that SA was zero.


Jen~ you’re amazing for getting all info for MIL. It is a sweet article. You should totally push back on work. There must be some kind of balance – work/life!


Melissa~Glad to hear you had a fun vacation. I have never been to New Orleans, but it sounds fun.

Jen~The article about your MIL was fantastic and you are amazing for what you have done for her. Thanks for sharing the article.

Candi~I forgot to tell you that I love, love the name Elin. I wish it was that easy for DH and I to pick out names.

Jazz~Good luck with getting the new job!

Lily & Rosie~August is going to be the month for BFP!!

AFM~I had a massage on Wednesday which felt wonderful. I am feeling a bit on the large side these days and I have 3 months left to grow. I plan to enjoy every minute of it though. We are supposed to get temperatures today around 118 with the heat index so I plan to stay inside and enjoy the air. Have a great weekend Ladies!!


Thanks for all the well wishes for me and my Lily!!! I hope everything will work out, it seems like a short period of time to get everything sorted out. Day one of my cycle is next week when my menses comes (and I’m very regular so it will start next week) and I have no meds, no clear plan, multiple messages out to my nurse.

Anyway, I’m not stressing things. Whatever God’s will is, it will be done.


Hello friends!!! How are you all??? I need to catch up… ill try… hope I didnt forgot something haha

Candi- Im happy to see you are doing great, enjoying summer and that bleeding stopped already. Im sure you will do great!

Jen- CO, TX?? is that close from San Antonio?? We have to meet!!! When is it you are going?? I have to be there the weekend of August 13 for my appt with RE, then back probably a week later for transfer… Thanks for sharing the article!!! its greattttttt… you have to post us some updated pics of Jessie! I bet she is growing fast.

Nat- Im sorry youve been having a hard time. Hope the meds make their part. Its good that other girls in the board have experience on that and can share… thats the beauty of this board right? You are such a good mother! when are you going to Ixtapa? I remember you said it before right? since its in mexico I would love to go and meet you there!

Melissa- Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip… I was following you on FB ha ha did you really ate that alligator? Here in Mexico we have weird food to eat also… we have Crickets for example… I havent eat them, im bad for weird food ha ha… How was returning to the gym??

Carol- the heat in Disney its awful!! Im glad to see Avery behaved so good there and that you had a nice vacation. Cant beleive the heat was so bad even for the pool!!

Karen- OMG what a handsome little guy is Nate!!! Glad to hear baptism was great and little guy behaved so good. Hope your friend is pregnant!! Keep us posted… today is her beta right? She should really have told you before she was not going… but well, remember she is riding that horrible rollercoaster now…

Jazz- Glad you checked in!! congrats on your new home!! Ive missed you and your customer stories around ha ha

Sheri- what a beautiful belly pic!!! So happy for you that everything is moving smoothly. I think you are next right? When do you start your maternity leave?

Chrissy- Tanner looks wonderful on the pictures you uploaded on FB! Congrats… how is work? I just love your pictures!!! Too bad I don’t have you close enough

Amy- I miss youuuuuuuu come back!!! Bet you are having a blast down there! Cant wait for you to come back and cycle with Rosie & Me

Rosie- We need to talk!!! Ha ha ha its been a crazy week huh? Im so happy to see you excited about August, cant wait for us to get pregnant!!!

Sara- where are uuuuu??? Come back!!! Miss you around…. Whats new with you???

Mckenna- Braden is so handsome!!! I saw the pics on FB. Yeiiiiiii for Gracie pooping on toilet!!! How is your wrist doing? Hope its feeling better already.

Kate- how are you and the babies doing??? Send you tons of love!

Kristin- 26 wks alreadyyyyy??? Wow time flies! Happy to hear you are doing good. Nice you had a massage!!!


AFM- I had a great time in Houston!! We are still just so tired ha ha… Since we got a very cheap flight in Continental the hours of the flights are horrible. We left on friday 5 am!! and came back sunday 9 am!! Weve been sleeping for 3 hours only… but having a great time.

My New Kids are soooooooo handsome!! In fact, they look way much in shape than the Backstreet and they have more fans, can you beleive it? I danced and sanged my a$$ off the entire concert ha ha We went shopping also to an outlet that is near houston. Then had a very nice experience meeting a Budhist monk!! he transmits such a nice positive energy, really a great experience. Then our friends made a barbecue in their house and we got to get in the pool and jacuzzi and it was great. Overall great trip but still tired ha ha ha

Now we are getting ready for Vegas babyyyyyyyyyy… we leave on July 13th… cant wait! We booked already to see Le Reve, we wanted to see some water show. We are thinking of going to see Elvis also… well see.

Im on my period today and on monday start BCP again… until August 2 which its supposed to be my last BCP day before I start the shots of Follistin in August 6. I really dont understand this protocol, but im not googling… dont need to get discouraged, I trust my RE completely so it should be fine =)

Hope you all have a nice weekend!!! We have a wedding today and another one tomorrow… so continue with the marathon of late sleeping hahaha but well… it should be fun!

Love you all,
Lily =)


[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Lily – Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. You are going to LOVE Le Reve… It’s such an amazing show. [/FONT][/SIZE]


Hi!! Jazz typed out a whole big post yesterday and then the laptop decided that RIGHT THEN was an ideal time to update itself. So she got mad and couldn’t bring herself to try again.

We are so behind, but I will attempt personals:

Nat: Glad you enjoyed your trip!! I’m so jealous. We haven’t been able to get out to the coast yet this year. The last time we were there was Beta Day last summer. I used to be on Paxil for years… I think it’s pretty much the same thing as Zoloft and Prozac. Just slightly different formulas or something.

Karen: Nate is SO CUTE!! I want to see more pictures. Greyson has that same little elephant outfit (and Harper has the matching pink one), but it doesn’t quite fit yet.

Jen: That is such a wonderful article! So cool. All your research totally paid off. :slight_smile:

Kristin: Hooray for a massage! That sounds so nice… Glad you enjoyed it.

Candi: I don’t know if we congratulated you on here! We are so excited for you and love the name you picked out!

Rosie & Lily: GO AUGUST!!! It will be a great month! :smiley:

Sheri: Love the belly pic!! You look great. I can’t believe how close you’re getting!

I know I’m missing a lot, but I’m at work and trying to be sneaky, so I can’t keep going back to check! I’m typing this in Outlook so it looks like I’m writing an email. :wink:

AFM: Jazz and I both applied for new jobs. Mine is at the same company, but would be somewhat of a promotion… I’m not holding my breath, since a lot of people applied, but it would be so nice to get away from my current team. Jazz’s is something completely different and we’re really hoping she gets it. It would be a huge pay bump and it would be nice for her to have a job she actually enjoys. We’re both waiting to hear something and keeping our fingers crossed. Even if I don’t get the job I want, I reeeeeeeeally hope Jazz gets the one she wants!!! It would eliminate so much of our stress.

… 2 hours later…

ANYWAY. Stupid work keeps interrupting my posting. :wink: The babies are getting more and more smiley and their personalities are really coming out. Greyson is really chatty and loud and loves when we talk to him. Harper is more quiet (when she’s not fussing/screaming) and has this shy little voice when she makes noises. We finally started using the cloth diapers and we love them. They work really well and are super cute!!! The flushable liners we bought off Amazon are AWESOME. They totally catch the poop, so all we need to do is throw the liner in the toilet and throw the diaper in the wash. We’re still using disposables when they go to day care, since we don’t want to make the day care lady deal with the cloth ones, but that’s only 1.5 days a week.

… 1 hour later…

Ok, I’m just going to post this, since I’m not making any progress!