Calling All Pregnant Vegetarians and Vegans


Oops–one more!


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Mensch–thank you for introducing yourself–wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! I’ve definitely had more “jitters” this time since I’m in the 40+ club as well. Hubert the Pudge is a neat little story! I’m glad to hear that your daughter is a happy vegetarian. Does she socialize with other kids who are as well? My daughters know a few veg kids, but unfortunately, they don’t live to close to us. I hear ya on all of the monitoring… I just found out at my OB app’t that I have to have another u/s at 32 weeks for a growth scan. I had a late scan with DD #1 b/c she was measuring so far ahead, but my 20-week scan with DD #2 was the final one. My OB also informed me that I will be induced on 1/7 if I haven’t given birth by 1/6 (our EDD) since being in the 40+ bracket has an increased risk for mom and baby (complications/stillbirth). GAK!

AFM, I gained some weight this week–about 1.5 pounds… Guess the LO is starting a second tri growth spurt! I made it to the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Hubby was out of town on business all week, but I did take the girls to the pool yesterday and today, so I got some pseudo-exercise time.

Another good food week! Made it back to Liquid Earth–just loving that place right now.

Sorry for the duplicate photo, but here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Earthburger from Liquid Earth – can’t you just see all of that yummy brown rice in there? So good! I ate this for lunch and was still full at dinnertime.

  2. Senate Bean Soup made in the crock pot – this looks a little ho-hum and beige, but the flavor was really good! I cooked it for 9 hours on high, so the flavor was really there. I am a total dork for soups–I can eat them year-round! Vegetarian Slow Cooker: Senate Bean Soup

  3. Matcha Shake – I wasn’t sure about this recipe when I saw it… Frozen watermelon with soy milk? I am so glad that I tried it–this is delish! Mine isn’t as green as the pic in the recipe. I don’t have matcha powder, so I ground up the contents of a matcha tea bag in my coffee grinder… Alas! My DDs loved this one too! My Secret-Ingredient Matcha Shake … Obsession. - Healthy. Happy. Life.

  4. Raw tacos – carryout from Liquid Earth. Nut “meat” and taco fillings (inc. cashew “sour cream”) wrapped in collard leaves (there is a romaine leaf inside each collard leaf too). This was just amazing! I definitely did not miss the tortilla/taco shell, and esp. in the summer, I feel so much better eating lighter/more raw food.

  5. Juice ingredients – I was very good about juicing this week! We’ve had juice every morning, and I’ve been prepping my ingredients the night before just to make it easier. This particular container made enough juice for my DDs and me: 4 pears, 2 oranges and one bunch of lacinato (dinosaur) kale. I just love, love, love that my kids will drink their kale!

  6. Chia pudding – this is so simple to make, and if you like tapioca, you’ll probably be grooving on the flavor and texture of this. Some sample chia pudding recipes are here: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia. I made this one with 2 cups unsweetened chocolate rice milk, 1/2 cup chia seeds, 1.5 tbsp agave nectar, and 1 tsp alcohol-free vanilla.

We’re heading out of town for a few days this week, and I’ll report back on any good vegan eats from our road trip!



Vegan vacay meals:


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +11.5 pounds
Exercise: Gym Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday / rest of the week–vacation; a bit of swimming, but not enough to count as true exercise

So we all headed down to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. We brought several groceries with us and had breakfast in the room each day. Some highlights from the resort included the wok station (pictured: rice noodles with loads of veggies, sesame seeds and cashews), veggie rolls in rice paper, a pineapple boat full of fresh fruit and avocado tacos. The chefs at the property were very accommodating and made us a veggie pizza sans cheese on the last night of our stay. Still, I was glad to get back to my kitchen and prep things our way (low oil, whole grains, lower sodium), but it was great to know that we could manage fine while away. We also had two nice meals off-property too, and there are a bunch of new restaurants there since our last visit.

It’s back-to-school week for our older DD (she starts on Tuesday), so I imagine that it will be busy for her and for all of us as we re-acclimate to our fall schedule![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Had a great exercise week–Monday though Friday mornings @ the gym (and EARLY!). Did cardio + weights M, T, W, and F, and just cardio on Th. Hoping for a repeat this week though I may take a walk in my 'hood or do the exercise bike at home since we don’t have to get up early in the morning–yay, a long weekend!

I was down 1/2 pound this morning (so @ +11 total). I’m guessing that was b/c of the exercise. My belly is bigger, though, and the LO is very active! Our DDs both received some good kicks last night, and they were very excited about that.

No sideways camera phone pix this week, but I did want to share a recipe that I made for a cookout that we hosted last night. This pasta salad came out great, and even with the red onion, our DDs enjoyed the flavor of this too (they’re not usually into stuff w/ raw onions): Macaroni Salad.

I made some simple lunches for myself this week. One of my faves (I think I had it 3 days) was hummus rolled up in romaine leaves–for some reason, that was really working for me. I had a piece of pumpernickel bread on the side and some fresh fruit. We made our green juices every morning with breakfast, and I did a few smoothies this week as well. I’m starting to think about fall ingredients, and I’m happy to see that the honeycrisp apples are back in the store–that’s a family fave.

Next OB app’t on 9/11. Until then, I hope that I can maintain my energy and enthusiasm for exercising and cooking! :nerd: I just love the second trimester![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +12.2 pounds
Exercise: Gym–Tues/Wed/Thu (just cardio on Wed.) and a semi-brisk 30-minute outdoor walk today

DH is away through Wednesday night, so I’m hoping to sneak in some exercise while my younger DD is in school on Mon/Wed mornings. I also have my prenatal yoga DVD that I could fire up–just want to keep up with working out while I can!

I tried some new recipes this week (sorry, no pics again), but here’s a link to the muffin recipe that I made as part of the family’s breakfast this morning: Jazzy Vegetarian - Vegan, Vegetarian Radio Host, TV Cooking Host, Author & Chef, Vegan Recipes, Compassionate, Sustainable Lifestyle Tips - Recipes. Scroll down a bit to the Apple Muffins with Pumpkin Seeds recipe. I substituted dried cherries and dried peaches for the raisins since our older DD is not a raisin fan. These were really hearty and tasty. They’re not that sweet (which is what I like), but they may taste plain to someone who is expecting more sugary notes.[/FONT]


Question about DHA

Hi ladies,

I am neither vegan or vegetarian, but I was hoping to get some advice from those who are.

I am 7 months pregnant and my current DHA supplements are making me have awful fish burps (so sorry, I have no other way to describe them) and are making me sick. I was wondering if there’s a non-fish supplement that’s easily attainable and doesn’t cause a bad aftertaste? Help is much appreciated, thanks!


Try freezing the fish oil capsules. It is supposed to help with the burps and doesn’t adversly impact the fish oil at all.

The Effects Of Freezing Fish Oil Tablets | LIVESTRONG.COM


Thank you! I will have to try that.


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +12.0 pounds
Exercise: Just walking this week (35-60 minutes)–Mon, Thurs, Fri and today – look forward to getting back into the gym next week, but it’s been so beautiful here, I just had to be outside!

Food: another healthy week! I made a big pot of minestrone soup and froze several portions. I also tried a spinach-chia fettuccine which was really yummy. Tonight I made the “Long Run Pizza” from Scott Jurek’s new book “Eat and Run.” He includes a recipe for tofu “feta” to put on top, and I have to say, I really liked the flavor. I also made a big spinach-pumpkin smoothie today–yum! I just love pumpkin! I can enter the recipe if anyone is interested.

Momtocats–Congrats your baby on the way! Lk’s suggestion is a good one, and I hope that it helps. I am taking an algae-derived DHA capsule, and have had not had any issues with burping/weird taste. You may also want to look online to see if others have complained about the brand that you’re using. I remember when my DH was taking fish oil from Trader Joe’s, and he was having the same issue. There are some brands that are probably more pure than others. Interestingly, there was an article this week about fish oil as it pertains to heart disease: Fish Oil Fizzles for Fighting Heart Attack, Stroke[/url]. Here’s a take on fish oil for brain health too: [url=]Omega-3 fatty acids: are supplements truly necessary for optimal brain health? : Disease Proof.

For more information about plant-based diets/supplement recommendations, I really like Dr. Michael Greger–his website is very informative and features his concise reviews of the latest in nutrition research: | The Latest in Nutrition Related Research. He recommends 300mg/day of DHA for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Have a great week![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]I meant to share this link too. It’s a documentary about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and it’s showing for free on the website this week. I’m about halfway through it. I’ve seen/read quite a bit about GMOs, and everything that I encounter is a bit frightening, I must say. I wish that the FDA would require labeling and let the consumer decide! Genetic Roulette MovieGenetic Roulette | The Gamble of Our Lives[/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +12.2
Exercise: gym–Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri (just cardio) + a 1-hour outdoor walk on Sat – what a gorgeous day!

Made some yummy smoothies this past week and also had my green juice every morning. No pix again this week–I promise that I’ll do better next week!

Baby is active, and I’m still energetic! We haven’t done ANYTHING to prepare for the LO’s arrival–hopefully we’ll get to it in the next month or so… The end-of-year events/holidays are going to come up fast![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +13.6 pounds (yay–a little jump this week!)
Exercise: gym on Mon and Thurs (just cardio on Th) and a 50-minute outdoor walk today

Can’t think of any exciting meals from this past week. I am cooking a bit today and trying some new recipes. DH will be out of town from Wed-Mon, so I imagine that it will be a busy week for me!

Trimester III–here I come![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +14.2
Exercise: Just Tuesday and Wednesday at the gym, then DH rolled out for a trip. He’s back tomorrow, so I hope to resume my morning exercise on Tuesday. I did a bit of a yoga DVD on Thursday, but it didn’t feel like exercise (but I did get some good stretches in!).

I have a double batch of potato soup going in the crockpot–it’ll be ready around 4:30. I’m smelling that rosemary all through the house–yum! DD and I made a crustless pumpkin pie this week (Happy Herbivore recipe), so that really put me in an autumnal mood.

OB app’t tomorrow–glucose tolerance, RhoGAM, flu shot and whatever else I’m slated to have…!



[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +15.4
Exercise: What a weird week! DH was still out of town on Monday and skipped exercise on Tues (wiped out from DH being away). I was planning to exercise on Wednesday, but I had a HORRIBLE bout with sciatica–it was really painful this week. Ditto for Thursday–I could hardly move! I was thinking that with 12 weeks to go how could I possibly handle the pain/not being able to take care of everyone and everything… Zikes! Luckily, the baby repositioned, and Thursday’s issues only lasted about 10 hours. Still, those were 10 painful hours. Egad! I don’t wish it on anyone. My OB referred me to a physical therapist who specializes in prenatal issues, so if it flares up again, I’m there! I took two long walks outside–Friday for 50 minutes and yesterday for 1 hour. I was hoping to get out again today–it’s a bit breezy but sunny and in the low 70s–can’t ask for more than that in October. Hopefully I can sneak out to the gym tomorrow and Tuesday, then DH is traveling again from Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening.

My OB appointment went well. I’m still measuring a week ahead and baby’s heart rate was 155. Received my two shots and bloodwork–hope to hear back on the b/w this week.

Food! I made this wonderful dish from “Let Them Eat Vegan:” Dreena’s Vegan Recipes: Festive Chickpea Tart. It is definitely going on the Thanksgiving menu this year. This is hearty, savory and very flavorful. I sauteed the onions and celery in veggie broth instead of oil to save on fat/calories for my hubs, and it still tasted great! In all of my years as a vegetarian and vegan, I’ve still never had Tofurkey, and I don’t intend to start now! I also made an apple crisp using Jazzy Vegetarian’s recipe and “Cream” of Broccoli soup from the new Forks Over Knives cookbook.

Have a good week!



[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +15.5
Exercise: DH was away this week, but I did squeeze in a gym visit on Monday before he left and took a 1-hour walk outside on Friday. I also made a quick visit to the gym yesterday & did 30 minutes on the elliptical + 15 minutes of leg work.

Food: I made a split pea and barley stew in the crock pot on Tuesday. I had that a few times (it was good!) and froze the rest. I also made the Millet Maki Rolls from this website: REAL Recipes | RESPONSIBLE EATING AND LIVING: REAL Truth and Tools for Healthy Eating, Wellness and Green Living. I had those and made my DDs some brown rice veggie sushi rolls along with edamame and fresh fruit & veggies. I used the leftover seasoned millet in salads for lunch on Thursday and Friday. DH came home on Friday and made a big crock of veggie chili which I totally inhaled yesterday–delish!

I had ambitions to cook today, but I’m busy with work today and trying to accomplish some while DD #2 is down for nap. I hope to make 1 or 2 things after the girls are in bed–we’ll see how that goes.

Pregnancy update: baby is very active–getting some great, strong kicks! I passed my glucose tolerance test and am updated on my shots. Next OB appt is 10/29, and then we have a growth scan (due to my advanced maternal age) in mid-November. No more sciatica issues, fortunately, but I am getting more tired during the day now… Hopefully now that DH doesn’t have any more extended business trips until the LO arrives, I can balance all I need to accomplish here AND get to bed at a reasonable hour. That’s wishful thinking anyway!:nerd: [/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +17.2
Exercise: Just the gym on Friday. I was pretty zonked this week for some reason!

Food: Can’t think of any standouts. I macked on DH’s veggie chili for a few days, and it was terrific! I made some homemade fig bars last night, and my DDs and I are about to try those for dessert. Here’s the recipe for those: Skinny Figgy Bars | recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. I used a bit less agave than called for in the filling and crust (I find the sweetness of agave to go a long way).

I’m scheduled for an OB visit tomorrow, but being a Maryland resident, I am staying put! I am hoping that everyone in the hurricane’s path (and this is such a massive storm!) stays safe. [/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +18.2
Exercise: gym on Tuesday, walking on Friday, and lots of housework today (does that count?).

Food: Made a really delish sushi rice salad today from the Blissful Bites cookbook. I added edamame for a little protein boost. I also made green tea cupcakes for our DDs–those were a hit.

Have 3 OB appt’s this month plus a 32-week growth scan at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office next week. Still can’t believe I’m @ 31 weeks–this pregnancy is zooming by![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +17.8
Exercise: NADA!

So, this week was interesting… My DD had a cold/fever earlier in the week, so while taking care of her, I became sick as well–yay! I feel like I’m just getting back into the swing of things today. I hope to make it outside–at least for a little bit. It’s 70 and sunny here–totally gorgeous. I am so far behind with my work projects (and house projects too, for that matter). Growing this tot comes first, so that’s where my priority is.

Hoping for a NORMAL week this week… Whatever normal is![/FONT]


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Weight: +18.8 lbs.
Exercise: I made it out for that walk last Sunday, and went to the gym on Wednesday. Wish I had energy for more!

Food: nothing notable this week. I’ve been making refried beans from scratch (been trying to avoid canned goods because of BPA), so we did Mexican night with bean burritos + oodles of toppings. We are all fans of Mexican food, so that’s always a winner for the family. Trying to switch into Thanksgiving mode now. I ordered about 1/3 of the foods I’ll be serving for the holiday, so that will take some pressure off. I made a big shopping run to Whole Paycheck today, and then I’ll have one more grocery run on Tuesday to grab some greens, more veggies, herbs, and my catering order–that will be it! I love the foods at Thanksgiving, and stuffing is my fave. I did a trial run with a healthy stuffing recipe last week (it has kale in it!), and it was delish. Looking forward to more!

DH and I had a 32-week growth scan on Monday. Our LO is already over 5 lbs. and will be about 9 lbs. if full term–wowza! Our DD was 8 1/2 lbs. a week early, so I believe the estimate! I feel so thankful to be having a healthy vegan pregnancy. I wish I had been on board with all of this health/nutrition info. earlier. I definitely would’ve switched to a plant-based diet sooner had I known.

I know that this has been my little corner of the forum to jot down my weekly observations of pregnancy, but I hope to see more veg mamas in the future![/FONT]