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I’m wondering if anyone has an idea on how many fertilized embryos typically make it to blast (for 39 age range)? I’m trying to figure out how many cycles I will need to do (banking) before testing. The genetics class gave the estimate once they’re at blast, but I’m wondering how many I’ll need to get to that stage.

Mmflorida - it looks like your doctor gave you the estimate of about 1/2 make it to blast?

Just completed my first cycle at CCRM. Best one yet. I’m feeling hopeful.

Thanks so much!


Dr. Schoolcraft told me 30-40% make it to blast, which turned out to be right for me - but I’m 42.5. I would guess more like 40-50% for 39 y.o., but can also depend on egg quality.


Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to give an update :

My mock cycle completely failed. After a month of trying to get my lining above 6mm, my last US showed a lining thinner than expected ( 3.2 mm). It was 4.5mm 2 weeks before.
I have been crying for a day now…I don’t know what to do. It seems that I also have a cyst now.
I’m completely down today…
My Dr wants to start a second mock cycle after AF but I am so scared of failing again !
I am planning on doing electro -acupuncture twice a week next month along with drinking red leaf raspberry tea.
Any other suggestions ?

Thanks so much.


Arly - hang in there. This process sure is a roller coaster. The electo acupuncture definitely helped me. Give it some time with that treatment and hopefully you’ll see some results after a month.

Thanks Jenna71 - that helps.

Another question: how long after egg retrieval can you go swimming? My husband booked us a get away from IVF stuff this weekend and they have lots of water activities!


Arly - hang in there. This process sure is a roller coaster. The electo acupuncture definitely helped me. Give it some time with that treatment and hopefully you’ll see some results after a month.

Thanks Jenna71 - that helps.

Another question: how long after egg retrieval can you go swimming? My husband booked us a get away from IVF stuff this weekend and they have lots of water activities!


HRttc2: $10,000 doesn’t seem like much in comparison to an IVF cycle, but it is at least 2-3 times what other places charge. The clinics that either specialize in this or have short waiting lists charge about 3,000-4,000. You can sometimes get embryos from a clinic you’re using simply for the price of a transfer. Remember, embryo donors are not getting paid for donating, unlike egg donors or sperm donors. Anything beyond the cost of a transfer is payment to the clinic for offering the service. Also, at CCRM that cost includes some things (like psychological counseling for the donating person/couple) that the donors pay for themselves anyway, so CCRM is getting paid twice for that. (This issue came up a while back on this thread and a donor was furious to see what CCRM was charging people to receive her embryos). Also, to my knowledge, you are paying for a single transfer of 1-2 embryos. You would pay the same price if you decide to another. At some places, you get the entire batch that a person/couple has donated for your initial price and then just pay a smaller fee for any subsequent transfers. You might say the extra cost is worth it because you’re getting embryos from CCRM’s lab. The stats I was quoted are indeed slightly better than some others. Be aware, though, that you have to be under 35 to donate embryos, so you are less likely to be getting CCS tested ones. I’d say going with CCRM for embryo donation makes most sense if you have a lining issue and want to be treated there, or perhaps if they do let you transfer a donated one with one of your own that is there.


Thanks for the info Kathe1969. How are things going with your lining?

Dr. S said the live pregnancy rate from frozen embies was 65%. He didn’t mention anything about the grade of the embryo affecting implantation. My main concern was freezing and thawing them for the third time. He said the pregnancy rate didn’t seem to change with the number of thaws BUT he also said that while he hasn’t heard of it happening, there’s a possibility (10% again?) of an indeterminate result.
He was leaning towards retesting since I fly from Canada but I’m leaning towards putting it in and hoping for the best. Someone posted that at our age we should get 30% normal (I did get 30% blasts from my 10 embies) so here’s hoping for a miracle! LOL Now I need to do beta integrin testing to make sure everything else is okay.

Boy this revamped website is a pain. I can’t read anyone’s signature so am finding it hard to make any useful comments b/c I can’t remember how old someone is or what their AMH is!!


Inositol question:

Hi Ladies,
Boy, this new site format is awful! I’m really struggling with it and can’t seem to send or receive PMs.

Anyway, I was wondering if CCRM was still putting the inositol on their supplement list for people with low reserve? I’m 43 now and I’ve been taking it for a few months and my AFC decreased from 8 to 4! I don’t know if it’s from the inositol or just getting older, but I came across studies that make it seem that it’s really beneficial for PCOS patients…I have the opposite problem. Thanks!


I just emailed you, thanks! I am getting so frustrated with this site.


Yes I am a poor responder and was given a list of supplements including myo-inositol 2000mg 2/day (about 3/4tsp powder am and pm). I like Life Extension for quality supplements. Have you done the ODWU yet? Many women notice different numbers when tested at CCRM lab vs their local lab.


Is there another forum we can all use instead of this one? I cant stand this anymore.


See HRttc2’s post above about joining the CCRM FB page. So much easier than navigating on here. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on having your best cycle ever! I hope that translates into terrific CCS results. I’d never heard the blast stats broken down by age, just that it was around 50% of the # fertilized. In my genetics class, I wrote down “up to 50% don’t make it”. I think it depends on the person. I had 58% make it to blast and I was 43.5 at the time.


HRttc2–thanks for answering my question. I only did a phone consult so far, but not the ODWU. Do you also use DHEA or Acai berry supplement for poor response? I know CCRM has that new Acai berry study. The RN said I don’t qualify b/c of my age, but I’m thinking that maybe I should just take it anyway…


Hi Arly. I too, failed my mock cycle last month and I’m currently in mock cycle month #2. I’ve been doing electro-acupuncture since I started month #1. But, after looking at the E2 levels, they determined that I might not be absorbing the Vivelle very well. So, although it delays the start of things, you are gaining information about developing that lining, so that once you have those perfect embies, you can repeat what works to build that lining for transfer. My nurse stressed that the Vivelle patches and Estrace protocol is for patients that have no trouble developing a good lining - and I know that I don’t do that from past cycle experiences and u/s lining checks! Now I’m doing the IM Delestrogen and Estrace + electroacupuncture. They have other tricks to try too! Don’t get too down, something will work!! Also, when I called CCRM’s acupuncturist to find out about how I can duplicate their protocol in my hometown, she left me a long message with lots of helpful information, like “daily 30 min walks with your arms swinging to increase blood flow” - whatever it takes. Good luck to you.


Good morning, i emailed you as well. Thanks


Fiera24, i recall my doctor estimates were correct as to how many were retrieved and fertilized so i presume she will be correct as to blasts (i hope! Because i have never been able to get to that stage. I also vaguely recall from genetics class that 50% made it to blast, as kathe said. I am 42


I just had the one lining check. It looked good (10.7), so I’m all set until transfer. I will have one more bloodwork done, to check my E2 and P4 levels. Starting Monday, I’ll be taking oral estrogen, wearing estrogen patches, using progesterone suppositories and doing IM progesterone shots. I feel like they are sitting back thinking, is there any other way we can deliver those hormones? : )


Hi bomeister, sorry I never replied I hate this new format. I was just looking at old posts and noticed your comment. Not sure you’ll look back but if you do, yes thet did mention multiples as a possibility and today it was confirmed that it is twins!
My RE that has been doing my local monitoring does not do any ultrasound after pregnancy diagnosis for satellite patients. My gyn does not do Ultrasounds because she is no longer an ob so I was scheduled to go to the radiology place my gym uses but due to bleeding wound up getting US at hospital today.


Sorry for the selfish post but I have an update. I started bleeding yesterday (bright red, heavy spotting to light flow) freaked out even though CCRM told me right from my first BETA that it could happen and is common in early IVF pregnancies. They told me to stay on bed rest and see if it stops. It seemed to help but I still had a little blood this morning. There was no way I could wait until Tuesday so I went to the hospital this morning. They could not find a source for the blood but did find 2 babies and 2 strong heartbeats!!! I’m so excited when yesterday I thought it was over…