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Hi… in desperate need of encouragement. Had first BFP at CCRM after 5 cycles elsewhere but m/c this summer. Got up the courage to try once more - am at CCRM cycling now. Dr. S switched me to EPP and said to skip the Saizen as he did not think it helped us last time. Last time we got 7 eggs - I know for sure the one I m/c was genetically normal, and Dr. S said he expects we would make one normal again (small chance of 2). After 8 days stim, I have less eggs than hoped for - RIGHT: 14, 14, 11, 6, 5 LEFT: 5,5. I go back tomorrow for another check. Stim is going slower due to EPP - so annoying. Wondering if anyone had success with few eggs? I’m hoping we retrieve 4 - is that crazy to think that one of them might be a “normal?” We are doing CSS this time to be sure. Sorry - freaking out and need support. ps - I just turned 42.

LAM82 - ODWU usually can be within a few weeks. They will make you repeat some of your tests - even communicables.



I just started protocol 3 (EPP w/Saizen) at CCRM with Dr. Su. I’m 41 with AFC of 5 at ODWU, AMH 0.7, FSH 6.6. I am worried that I will end up with too few embryos for CCS even after banking. Any ideas on what to expect? Smithy sounds like you are in better shape than me, what was your first protocol? I thought they recommended banking to most women over 40 with low AFC.

Does any one know how are the back to back (all-frozen) cycles scheduled? Say, I do my retrieval mid November. Then I wait for AF, then restart priming after the next surge? Or do they make you wait another full cycle?

I’m a pretty new not only to CCRM but to the whole IVF deal, so I could use quite a bit of support. I would like to be added to the FB group.


Thabks for the feedback smithy. I am also so sorry for your loss over the summer and this whole process is so draining and emotional i wish i could give you some feedback however i have not tried EPP or done CCS yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for you this cycle. Hoping you have an amazing outcome and remember it only takes one.

My history all with my local RE.

Me: fsh 8.75, lh 4.0, amh 1.91 1eptopic that burst 2010 (missing a tube now)
DH: mild male factor low motility

Jan-May 2013: 3 iuis=bfn

June/july 2013 long lupron: ivf #1- 18R, 7M, 3F. low quality put all 3 back on day 4=BFN

Aug/sept 2013 long lupron w/ tevtropin (hgh)-
18R, 7M, 5F opted for freeze all however none were good enough quality to freeze

Nov 2013-consult with schoolcraft at CCRM, time for a change


Wish i could help :frowning: i have not done back to back freeze all. Keep us posted on how you do.


How was your consult? Mine is scheduled nov 12th with schoolcraft and i would love to hear your experience thus far


Hi smithy,

I just signed up for the website last night and saw your post (and had to reply). When I did my first IVF in January 2012, I was a poor responder but we decided to go ahead with the cycle anyways. I had 4 eggs retrieved and only 3 fertilized…we did a 3 day fresh transfer of all 3 embryos (only one was good quality according to the report but I forget the exact grades). Anyways, I’m staring at my healthy 12 and 1/2 month old son…so to answer your question, yes there absolutely can be one normal one! Don’t ever lose hope b/c you just never know. We are currently in the process of trying for baby #2 and I’m considering CCRM (our recent IVF just failed).

Hope that helps give you some hope:)


Thanks everyone - I so appreciate your comments. Things are looking a bit better - 4 with small chance of 5 if they give me a double trigger. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s more than I thought.


Keep us posted smithy! Wishing you the best of luck and i will definitley keep you in my thoughts


Hello…I am cycling at CCRM in Nov. hoping for ER on Thanksgiving and a transfer in early 2014. Can I join the private FB group please? Would love to connect with others going through this.


Hi! It was good. We are going with Dr. Surrey due to Dr. Schoolcraft’s availability. The consulted lasted 25 minutes. He asked some clarifying questions, answered our questions honestly. We told him this was our last shot and he said they’d do their best. He made a couple of suggestions and of course, told us about the ODWU. 10 minutes after we hung up, the nurse called to schedule something during my next cycle (CD 5-13). Off we go next week!

He asked that I get a blood test re-done and do a uterine biopsy since I haven’t had one done before.

Me (since I’m new and haven’t had a chance to make my signature yet!)

Me: 32, unexplained (though Surrey thinks it may be an egg quality issues)
DH: 3:, perfect
IVF #1: anatognist protocol, 24 retrieved, 4 blasts, transferred 1 --> BFN
FET #1: 2 transferred --> BFN :frowning:


Pp1987 i am right there with ya! This isour last shot too so i am keeping my fingers crossed. Any idea of when you might cycle? I am hoping to get the ODWU scheduled around thanksgiving and then get this started :slight_smile:


Pp1987 i am right there with ya! This isour last shot too so i am keeping my fingers crossed. Any idea of when you might cycle? I am hoping to get the ODWU scheduled around thanksgiving and then get this started :slight_smile:


Hi Qchdw :slight_smile: i asked to joing the fb group but am not sure how to be added so i figured i will continue on this forum amd hope others join. I will be at CCRM during thanksgiving for my ODWU :slight_smile:


Hi smithy, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, but I just wanted to give you some encouragement as I’ve been in your shoes. My first cycle at ccrm (protocol 5) I only had 1 egg. It fertilized and CCS tests came back normal. Second cycle I had 5 eggs, all fertilized, but only had 1 normal again. Transferred both normals from these two cycles and now am a proud mama of 5 month old twins. Don’t give up hope, you’re in great hands at ccrm!


Could someone please PM me the FB site info too. Would love to join that group. Thank you very much.


To those who are looking for the FB group. There have been many private secret Facebook groups I’ve heard about over the past 4 years on here and they are usually created when a group of women are in similar stages and want to get to know each other and be lifelong friends through pregnancy and beyond. Everyone in these private groups are open with their identity to create trust and true friendship beyond just looking for answers and support. Usually we don’t hear much about these groups because they are created privately through Private Messages. Unfortunately this forum was down and there was no way to reach each other via Private Message on here so there were some public postings looking for the regular active members to get together elsewhere. It was really just meant to be a substitute for a small group of us until the forum started back up. Again we all wanted to use our real names and faces for trust reasons so aliases aren’t welcomed like they are here. Most remain anonymous on here because it’s a public forum. Many of us still are unable to receive/send messages or even post (this took 8 hrs today) but as soon as things are back up and running I’m sure many of us will return. I understand the need for answers and support when first starting out so I hope other regular users can stop back here and provide help and this can grow back to what it used to be. In the meantime, mommienyc created an open CCRM Facebook group that anyone can join and use their aliases/usernames from here if privacy is important. I hope that clears things up. Thanks and good luck everyone!
Here it is: [URL][/URL]


Sorry I forgot to put the link to the Facebook group. Here it is:


I’m having issues quoting HRttc2’s original post so I hope this is seen! Thank you for supporting our new open group! And thanks to HRttc2 for making the post about the group! We had several new members in one day :smiley: (Any member can add or approve new members which makes the expanding much quicker.) As HRttc2 pointed out, privacy is a huge concern for many going through this excruciating process, the easiest way to avoid any exposure is just creating an Alias and keeping it simple.


I want to join fb too! My FB account is Kay b cee! Please invite :frowning:


Anyone interested in discounted medications? If you are prepping for a transfer for CCRM you will need Vivelle patches and some sort of Progesterone supplementation. I have 14 Vivelle patches and 30 Endometrin suppositories. I am willing to give both to someone for $100. I also have an unopened vial of Progesterone in Oil that I am willing to give to someone for free as my insurance completely covered the expense of this medication. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!