February 2010 Due Dates


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]OMG ladies, I cannot believe we were blessed with a BFP when we had given up! No meds, no iui’s, no nothing! Just good ‘ol fashioned luvin’!! Thank you Jesus! [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]I feel so honored to get to type here…well, I hope there will be plenty of you ladies joining me soon as I just got my due date so I am in complete shock!!! Praise God! [/SIZE][/FONT]
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Just wanted to stop by and say

:cheer: :cheer: [SIZE=7]CONGRATULATIONS!!![/SIZE]:cheer: :cheer:


oops sorry. Ignore my new thread. I did not see this one at the bottom

Good Luck February gals.

Just got back my second beta, relieved. I am a little tense with this pregnancy for obvious reasons.

Sono on June 22nd.



Well, there is just you and I thus far!! Keep your faith and think positively, as difficul[I]t as that[/I] is. Best wishes to yo[I]u!! W[/I]e have a long road ahead of us!!

:babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


Thanks Renni. You and I are the “wiser, older Moms”. Which I think is a wonderful thing. I will be 39 in October.

More ladies should be popping up soon.

Nausea started on Sat. Smells are setting me off. Peeing at 4am every night. Bad Bad REM-less sleep. I am exhausted. Oh well, all for good!


Hi Ladies. I’ll join you! I have my first us 6/12 and I can’t wait.

Sorry you’re not feeling great, DRB. My morning sickness started at 6 weeks last time, so I am not looking forward to next week in that respect, but so far, so good.

Hi Remmie.


Well I have my seabands on they seem to help whether just in my head or they really are I dont care. LOL So far so good today.

I am so paranoid this time. Are you girls getting cramps that come on from time to time? I woke up with bad cramps about 2 am they lasted about 10 minutes then went away. I am trying not to be worried about another miscarriage, but it is hard.

I have betas lined up through June 22nd (sonogram) so that will comfort me some.


I did have some bad cramps last Friday and I also got really worried about miscarriage and called the RE the next day. Luckily they stopped by then. I do get a twinge here and there. My doctor said it’s common in early pregnancy and that it could be round ligament pain. I thought it was kind of early for that, but who knows. How are you feeling today?


Maggie, congratulations! Josh is going to be a big brother, how exciting!


Better today. No nausea. I cramped the whole time last time too, so maybe its just me. They come and go, according to Dr. Internet, they are common. If its blood and cramps… then you have problems.


Okay ladies. I’d like to join you. IF and WHEN things go well my due date should be Feb 12th, 2010. I’ve had 2 m/c’s in the past 1 1/2 and have no children. NERVOUS! And… slightly older…my age is 35! Scared to death! Trying not to think about it.

My first blood work on 13dpo was a beta of 72.
I won’t get my next blood work till 16dpo… so I’ll be waiting!

I hope to stay here this time!
DRB: you gave nice advice per my vacation situation in another thread. I’m going! I talked with the Doc today. He admits he’s being cautious but with my history he just wanted me close to home…
so… we’re off to Colorado on Saturday morning (17dpo!) to try to “not think about things” and I have an u/s scheduled for 6/21/09!!! I guess we’ll see…


I am with you MaggieMay. I am taking this pregnancy day by day. Miscarriages are scary and the last one has kind of rained on my parade for a while on being excited. I hope this round proves positive for both of us. I am doing Betas every week till the sonogram… just to give me a heads up if its going south or reassurance if its ok. I had the crampies last time too, they are back today.

I think you are doing the right thing. If you stayed at home guess what you would be thinking about THE WHOLE TIME??? Its pretty much all in God’s hands, take care of ourselves, do nothing crazy, but we have to live our lives.

Have fun on your trip! Take one week at a time, thats what I am doing!


Maggie: We’re two Maggie’s! That’s not common! And you had IVF on my birthday! I hope you are feeling better. It’s so hard not to notice every little twinge, pain, and pull. I’ve never noticed how often I might even have gas! But, this TTC has really made me Uber aware of everything happening!

RENNI: Thanks for starting this thread! Congrats! Good old fashioned Luvin’!!! I can understand why. it has been an additional stress to deal with all the monitoring and such! So, not only the grief of infertility and pregnancy loss…then all the uber management. I don’t know what I would do if my work wasn’t so flexible!

DRB: thanks for the good wishes for the vacation. We leave Saturday very early. I will post my Friday Beta’s. Let’s cross our fingers for a good rising Beta on Friday! I won’t get to monitor on vacation every week but I’ll consider that helpful so I can’t worry over what they mean. Maybe that will be good old fashioned waiting…with a view of a GREAT BLUE SKY! I will just show up on Sunday after vacation for my u/s and see if what we see (that would be at 6w3days.)



HCG Levels

Hi Ladies…so there are a few of us “oldies” well, I think I am the oldest! haha

I got my HCG level back today and it was 187. I was on CD30 yesterday. So, I am feeling pretty good about everyting but honestly only being 31 days past LMP is sooooo early I am going to try take it one day at a time…I will go back for another HCG next Monday so that will be cd36, hopefully will get a good number.

Today is the first day I have had any nausea, not terrible but hopefully that means that the hcg is doing it’s thing like it is supposed to!



May I Join Y’all???

Hello ladies! I am always nervous to take the step and join the due date club, but I am going to take the leap of faith and do it. We just got a :bfp: on our IVF cycle!!:cheer: My first beta 14dper was 265 and my second beta 16dper was 587! So we are very excited. I am anxiously awaiting my u/s on June 17th. It can’t come soon enough. I am just trying to keep myself busy but I am running out of things to do.

I can’t wait to get to know you ladies and experience this wonderful preggo journey together. OH, my EDD is Feb 3, 2010!:clap:



Erin - congratulations hon! I’m so excited to see that your IVF worked and you are once again expecting. Dylan is going to be a big brother. I’ll have to spy on this thread just for you!


Thanks Jen!!! I have been meaning to tell you, but keep forgetting. I haven’t put it on myspace or facebook yet b/c I am waiting for the u/s. How are you doing?


Congrats to you!

I am a tad worried today. I got my third beta, which increased, but not in the 48-72 hour window of doubling time… 73 hours to be exact. Betas every Wed. for the next 2 weeks, so hopefully increases will be seen again there like I would want.

Trying NOT to get too worked up about this, but you know.


[QUOTE=DRB]Congrats to you!

I am a tad worried today. I got my third beta, which increased, but not in the 48-72 hour window of doubling time… 73 hours to be exact. Betas every Wed. for the next 2 weeks, so hopefully increases will be seen again there like I would want.

Trying NOT to get too worked up about this, but you know.[/QUOTE]

I wouldn’t worry yourself over it. That doesn’t do you are the baby any good, but it is easier said than done right! I think that as long as the number is going up that is great news. With my DS my first beta was 148 and my second was 305 two days later. My point is you surpassed that with your results:clap: . Let us know how the next one goes. I will be :pray: for good numbers!!!


:welcome: MaggieMay and Erin.

DRB-I know it is tough to stay calm and not worry. One hour off sounds like no big deal. Hopefully all the rest will be fine.